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  1. How do they vote at the meeting? Do they have a sealed ballot, or is it just a raise of hands? i.e. do they vote in the knowledge of how other members are casting their vote?
  2. It would be interesting to see the detailed accounts of the housebuilders - the valuation of unsold stock in particular.
  3. He will be getting taxes from oil producers though. However, to the extent that rising fuel increases businesses' costs, corporation tax receipts will be correspondingly lower.
  4. You forgot the chorus: We didn't start the fire It was always burning Since the world's been turning
  5. I found this on Wikipedia Apparently he was also a heavy smoker, with a penchant for Marlboro cigarettes.
  6. The article says that his body was found in a swimming pool - seems rather unusual.
  7. Another bull argument put forward on TMF is the forthcoming change in pension rules allowing SIPPS to invest in residential property. There is a view that there is a wall of money ready to be spent after 'A' Day.
  8. I don't think that many of the btl crowd realise that they are speculating. If things do go wrong I fear that they will not take responsibility for their own actions; they will seek somebody to blame and in their eyes it will be the bank or some other outside factor which was the reason for their predicament.
  9. I think that lower mortgage payments from prospective interest rate falls is one of the major arguments put forward by bulls at the moment. Another is that house price indices have been showing prices stagnating for a long time now, and some feel this will continue without precipitous falls.
  10. It would be quite easy to say at some point during the debate that most homeowners could not afford their own house at today's prices.
  11. I enjoyed the comedy of Willing's I said, he said post.
  12. Whilst rates are being hiked in the US, last week the ECB said that their next move could be upward, so the BoE would be swimming against the global tide if they cut rates.
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