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  1. Hi Guys, Just to jump in here. There's a few points you are mistaken on BelfastVI 1) We don't steal listings from anywhere, nor do we sweep or scrape PropertyNews. Agents either upload their properties manually, or we take the information from their website with their permission. 2) PropertyNews didn't take us to court. They reported us to the ASA. You can read more on our stance today at Property Portal Watch. http://www1.propertyportalwatch.com/2011/03/propertypal-com-defends-tv-ads/ For what its worth this exact same statement was issued to the Bel Tel, and was edited to suit their own agenda. The full ASA report itself also makes for much more neutral reading. http://www.asa.org.uk/ASA-action/Adjudications/2011/2/PropertyPal,-d-,com-Ltd/TF_ADJ_49781.aspx - We still stand by our statement unreservedly. The savvy members of this forum who continue to check numbers will already be aware of our size. As the article reports, we are in the process of receiving the independant verification recommended by the ASA to substantiate future advertising.
  2. Just to let you all know, That feature we've been hinting at (and promising to deliver here first this week) is now live. We've changed our stats page to 'insight' - and are now providing the 2005 rateable value as a comparison figure, which should hopefully make life easier for you guys who are used to jumping back and forward between the LPSNI and our site - (and indeed in finding the properties which are the same or below), Feel free to let us know here or by email what you all think. Regards, The PropertyPal Team
  3. Hi Guys, Not sure what the problem with the contact us section is at the minute; we have tested on a couple of browsers, and can't seem to recreate the issue. We'd be interested to see a screengrab, or more details from gareth1214 on this if possible? As for the cool new feature it, isn't far off. Next week in fact. We don't want to give too much away at this stage, but Dave's problem of bouncing between websites for info - is part of what it encompasses. As for the broadband checks we've already got this in place with UTV...as they use the BT exchanges this would be an accurate representation of the speed you are likely to receive. Image of Broadband Check
  4. Thanks Guys, I know some people on this forum may be suspicious of us but all I can do is make my actions louder than my words. We have a cool feature coming in October and I will make sure the HPC guys get to hear about it first. We started advertising on TV tonight. Here is a link to the advert on YouTube for anyone that's interested.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8flQIDnywP0&feature=youtube_gdata_player Cheers!
  5. Folks, A few of you mentioned that the stats could be manipulated by owners/agents clicking away to their hearts are content. As of today we have added a stat that shows the number of unique visitors alongside the number of 'hits'. I hope this goes someway to show we are trying to ensure all stats are as useful as possible. Regards, The PropertyPal Team.
  6. Hi Guys, Just to address some of the concerns you guys have on our recent announcement, our ethos and site features. Firstly, on the UTV deal, whilst we understand completely the fears over our impartiality, this simply isn’t how we have built our reputation and run our business in the past, and it isn’t how we will do so in the future – UTV or no UTV. We’ve been a contributor to this forum in the past, have neither been a bull or a bear, and will continue to uphold the moral standards to which you’ve become accustomed. In any case, we are now only part owned by UTV, with 50% ownership. We see this as support that should be welcomed, as it will give us the leverage to build an even better site going forward - not as a sign that we will be bowing to the corporate beast. As for our recent property statistics page, the decision to implement this was not one we took lightly. We feel that it is a feature that our visitors would utilise, yet one that estate agents would potentially hate. So the decision to potentially bite the hand that feeds us (the agents) in favour of a feature that our visitors would applaud, should hopefully underline our belief system. This isn’t however, some underhand attempt at allowing manipulation of the data or market, and feel that the feature should be taken in context, for what it is, an additional tool to help buyers. If we find that the data no longer becomes credible or useful, we’ll quite simply dump it. We have received as much praise, as critique on this so far, and it unfortunately appears to be one of these situations where we are damned if we do, and damned if we don’t. There are equally as many examples of properties which haven’t dropped in price, yet have been on (our site) for long periods of time, as there are properties which are apparently “being dressed up to appear good”. Fundamentally, nothing has changed in our eyes – just that our hard work has now been recognised by a large organisation that needs to improve their new media offering. Obviously, we’ll be continuing to listen, and respond to any critique which we receive, but I think it’s unfair to tar us with a brush from a case whose paint has already dried.
  7. I'm sorry guys. It will be back soon. I will have a better answer tomorrow when I get back to the office to talk to the guys. We are in the middle of making some big changes that you are going to like. Please bear with us as we try and make the site better.
  8. It will be back this week. It was only removed as we had no time to code it back into the new design. Every morning this week we will be doing updates to the site. Some will be more noticeable than others.
  9. Thanks Guys. This is great feedback so far. Some of it we are aware of but it is still great to hear we are on the right tracks for what we are building. By the way Sophia, we were the first portal in NI to have Google Street View. It is on all properties in NI that Google currently cover. It is not too obvious on our site yet but we intend to fix that soon. Keep this coming Guys! It is the only way we can build a site that you would wish to use. Many thanks, PropertyPal.com
  10. Thank you for that. Both the points you mention about Property Bee and the Postcodes on TDGTTS are being looked at at the moment. We have been in communication with both sites and I know that Property Bee has already agreed to do it. I will do my best to get a date for when this will be completed.
  11. Hey Guys, I just wanted to say that PropertyPal.com continues to gain ground on our rival PropertyNews but we have still loads more work to do to make the site better. I have come on to the forum to ask for features that you guys would like to see. We have had some feedback that our search abilities in Belfast are a little lame. Some people want to be able to search 'Stranmillis' or South Belfast' for example. We are working on that as we speak. Is there anything else you guys would like us to do? Many thanks in advance. Regards, PropertyPal.com
  12. Ehhhh sorry about that fellas! We made a big boo boo on Friday night and never noticed it until an agent rang us on Saturday morning. Everything was sorted by Saturday afternoon.
  13. Hi everyone, Just registered as PropertyPal on HPC. Just to set the record straight on the comment above.... PropertyPal.com has not been set up by Estate Agents. We simply let them add their properties for free. It has been a slow process convincing them that there is a world outside of Property News but we are gathering them up at a good pace now. The largest group of Estate Agents in NI are now listing with us (Ulster Property Sales) and I think that has made some of the larger agents sit up and pay attention to us. Over the next month you should see a great improvement in the numbers of agents coming on board and I think we will have more properties listed in Northern Ireland than any other website some time in April. It would not be right for me to comment on any individual Estate Agent and their business relationships with other 3rd parties but I think the most important relationship should be with their customers. Are the agents doing all they can to sell/rent their clients homes? We don't charge agents a penny and adding properties to us is easy. I think some customers will start asking their agents why they are not on PropertyPal.com soon. That pressure should eventually focus the agent on doing what is best for the customer. Please bear with us over the next few weeks as we add more agents and properties. I know some members of HPC have already contacted us via our feedback form and I have replied to each one individually about their comments and ideas.... keep them coming! We have loads of cool ideas in the pipeline but can't mention too many of them in case Property News is lurking!!! :-p
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