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  1. New Labour are a party totally wedded to free market economics- somewhere to the Right of the Ted Heath Tories. That economic system has failed not just here but pretty darned everywhere-- because it is fundamental perverse in meeting the needs of the many. It doesnt work. Boom Boom Crash about sums it up. Time to move on; why do people think 1 system less than 200 years old is somehow 'perfect' with millennia of knowledge ahead of us?
  2. The free market has failed for all to see-- except blind dogmatists. Greed of the few will cost the normal Joe a large chunk of their pension and the 'joy' or working to 70. ... and dont get me started on the damage to the environment of profit above other values that actually more meaning to the citizen. Time for a new order.....
  3. At least you seem to be more civil I think you are pobably right in that there are areas of agreement-- but I certainly have a bug bear about dogma, including this nonsense of some suggesting the free market capitalism is somehow perfect and should never be touched. There are plenty of flaws in it, it wont be here forever and people should always challenge it and propose alternatives. Sadly there are very (very) few political visionaries at the minute, no encouragement of new ideas....
  4. You are now just being an apologist. Why assume there was some overriding external 'cause' which apparently 'made' them invest poorly e.g. ABN; or diversify poorly (NR) or over extend. Poor business management due to blindless caused by noses stuck too deeply in the trough (and poor regulation). The question is 'why try and blame the state for everything'
  5. Why are they apparently to blame?? different subject altogether... Brown obviously over spent and had poor risk planning and strategic planning as well
  6. You have never sounded very convincing my friend No. the argument of some is that over regulation/state intervention caused the crisis -- Actually it was the businesses themselves with peverse and poor practices and business models which persisted to the point of meltdown. The governemnt are culpable in under-regulating the sector (no doubt becasue they see being uber free market as 'cool' when in fact its flawed).
  7. You are becoming rather bizarre: You seem to be uber-free market, then complain when the government relaxed regulation. You acknowledge it 'goes wild' You complain when the government takes measures to try and stop it going wild. The fact is there were good solid profits to be made in the last five years within the regulatory framework. Banks over extended in terms of product and investment portfolio, acquisitions, geographic expansion- Risk management was woeful. Strategic management was worse- only significant growth was anticipated year on year. Thats a business management failure and the cause was basically blind greed at a personal and corporate level (and that is a trait of this system-- unfortunately).
  8. Unfortunately YOU have no idea with your 'the market is perfect and its only state intervention that spoils it' crap. Of course there is a dialectic between private sector and public sector/employers/employees in terms of supply and demand/production and consumption. Vast swathes of private sector revenue is generated via public sector demand. Wealth is dependant on both sectors. I hope you read that bit.... What you havent the balls to admit is the private sector (and good old peverse market greed, short-termism, incompetence and fraud- a weakness in this system) was at the heart of this crisis. I would be happy let the whole thing collapse in a heap, unfortunately governments are shitting themselves about social collapse and to be honest havent the ideas to promote anything different. So they are bailing out the massive hole created by the (few) private sector mega-failures with tax income from yes 1000's of other private sector companies, and by cutting public sector services/jobs/pensions etc etc... everyone is paying for that failure. Open your eyes and lose the crass dogma.
  9. You mean 'what happens when governments put all the public money available to save failed private sector companies and there is no more to give' Well I guess that's the end of capitalism and the private sector.. it failed and its time to find something that works. Dont think that will happen, but its the nearest we've come to the collapse of capitalism.
  10. Is this bloke sane? go look up sane on wikipedia, probably get something on Bowie.... clueless.
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