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  1. Indeed, but in this case the deal 'on offer' only exists in toodims (and his parents) head.
  2. To the OP: You have misunderstood the product, what you have been offered is a PCP (personal contract purchase) the final figure or £8600 is what YOU have to pay as a lump sum to own the car after 2 years, your other options are to simply hand the car back and walk away (with no car) , or you can use any difference in the final figure and the determined trade in value of the vehicle at the time as a deposit on your next car, there is usually some equity (maybe 1k) as the figures are geared like this to tempt you into another deal. The dealer DOES NOT buy the car back for £8600, and if you go
  3. I'm on a fix until Oct 2009, who knows what the situation will be by then but if a long fix with overpayment allowed is available at anything under 7% I will take it. I'm not too worried about the money I have 'lost' by not taking a tracker last time, it could have so easily gone the other way in fact I think it still will...............but not within 10 months hopefully!!
  4. A question for the OP if you would be so kind: How is your firm dealing with people coming off fixed rates where no extra borrowing from the original mortgage amount is involved, e.g I bought in Sept 2004 with a 27% deposit and will be coming off a fix in September 2009, if it was now would you be sending a valuer round? TIA
  5. Had a long chat a few days ago with a friend who is an IFA, one of the things he told me it's almost impossible to get a mortgage at the moment you need a huge deposit and perfect credit/employment record, even then they (the lenders) are going over everything with a fine tooth-comb and making the process very slow.
  6. Ok, my mortgage is due to reset in 12 months time, we bought in 2004 with a 25% deposit, self cert (genuine one - I am self employed). At the peak last year our LTV was approx 60%, not any more obviously . We were I/O for the 1st 2 years then switched to repayment. I am hoping that we will be offered another fix by our current lender, hopefully for at least another 5 years and we could offer to overpay or shorten term if that would seal us a good deal. We do have some unsecured debt but no defaults or late payments. What do people think of this? is this likely to happen or should I start w
  7. All used car values are crashing along with house prices, I know a couple of car dealers and they are busy repositioning their businesses to survive the next 12 months.
  8. The VED increases seem dramatic and I agree it will hit values but an extra £200/year is actually only the difference between 30mpg and 33mpg approx on a petrol car doing 12000 miles a year and I wouldnt mind betting that in isolation 3mpg difference does not currently cause one car to be worth any less than another in the eyes of joe public.
  9. Breaking news: The Russians have bombed the international airport in the Georgian capital.
  10. Our household is currently battening down the hatches, non essential spending has almost stopped. I wish I had saved more in the boom times, but no point worrying about that now. I downsized and streamlined my business in 2006 so i'm pretty confident I will be able to keep my head above water. Bring it on!
  11. I comvinced a good friend not to get into a dodgy BTL scheme in late 2006, he is very, very thankful I persisted even though we had a bit of a bust up over it at the time. Generally though it's best to to people do there own thing.
  12. I once worked for a food producer (pork products), 95% of our output went to Sainsburys, if they told us we were doing a BOGOF, then that was that.
  13. Buy one get one free? If that is what you mean then I presume you also know that the producer carries the cost - not the supermarket!
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