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  1. My friends, In my constant quest for truth and answers, today I came across this film, Zeitgeist which sums up quite nicely what the hell is going on in the world http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5547481422995115331 In this video, there a small sequence of another film 'Network' (1976) in which the guy expresses his feeling about society and boys I could have written that. I was so impressed about this film, that I am making my mission to find the full length movie and show it to everyone I know! This is a little snippet: http://www.americanrhetoric.com/MovieSpeec...chnetwork2.ht
  2. Hello Mr Toca, I have a question too: are your tenants allowed to claim housing benefits if they reach a stage where they cannot pay you the rent anymore? Cheerio for being so open to discuss this
  3. This is again Gordons doing, the avarage buy to let idiot does not count any more - it will be the rat faces like that raj bloke - and other few very rich ( mostly governement related) that will take control of all the repossesed stock so they can get rents regardless and if the ex owner cannot pay, no problems they will subside themselves by printing more housing benefit forms ... I hope i am just being negative and fed up of waiting, but one thing is for sure: for as along as the master of civil crime is in charge, we are more or less shufted by dodgy laws. Please feel free to call me para
  4. my concern is that if these new race of buy-to-let-from-repossessed pimps are allowed to do this, then it will end up that the government will pay housing benefits to the repossessed people to rent - even if theycan really afford it, as those the pimp will raise it up at some point!!!! And not only the crash will never happen, but WE will be paying the rent to those evil b4st4rds.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so furious..................................I hope Gordon and his m0r0ns get impiched
  5. Guys, I found the link to today pmq's http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Player/?Meeting=7881 it is from the beginning, but you only have to wait for half hour until brown and Cameron start (614 now in the e-petition) cheerio Luisa
  6. From Sherlock Holmes: When the improbable becomes possible, then the impossible becomes probable...
  7. Yeas, same for me, we don't earn a lot, but we save each single penny - that does not need to finance my landlord lifestyle or end up in gordon's black hole. Big clearing banks make sense, and to be honest I am already resigned to get little interest as long as we dont end up paying for the consequences of the greediest whilst we have always tried to behave like salmon swimming against the currents cheerio
  8. I cannot help to be a little bit concerned about the safety of my savings within the UK banks. How likely do you reckon could be that if banks start go bankrupts, savers will not longer able to access their money? Just like it happens in 1929 when everyone lost everything that was in the hands of the banks. What is the best option in time like these for us savers? Would it be better to dig a hole in the garden and deposit all our hard earned cash in there as soon as possible?
  9. Farticus, I totally agree with everythin you say. It's true, I cannot believe the after all Brown has done to ruin this country, his popularaty is actually growing by the minute. What does go on in people's brains. I blame him for all the mess, scams, corruption, collusion, poverty and the worse thing now for me to digest is the BBC news and others are depicting him as a cleverest politician. He is not clever, he is rotten to the bone and it hurts me when people he ruins cannot see this blatant reality. On the other hand what on earth are Camerun & Co doing, they could evaporatr the *
  10. I think the public should demand to know each individual addresses of these property ladder developments to check: 1) if they ever really get sold 2) if they do fetch anywhere near what Beany and estate agents think. Is there a way we can find out the addresses - or even only postcodes - from the program makers or any other way? I think yesterday - especially the second couple story line - looked really fake to me..... Beany condoned the fact that this couple decided to live in the house to enjoy it for few months and take a long deserved rest in it before selling in. What? That was nev
  11. Does anyone here have the same nagging feeling as me regarding the possibility that he stole most of Britain's gold by - somehow - selling it to himself? I would not put anything past this individual. Perhaps in 50 years times we will know I am truly scared of him, he acts as he has no soul. I think he is a langolier that ravages anything in his path. I also think that if he will be made to pay for the pension scandal and god knows what else, he will make absolutely sure that Britain collapses in every possible way starting from issuing orders to BOE to hike up IRs big time. I would not wi
  12. http://curezone.com/image_gallery/fun/c/113.jpg Read the comment right at the bottom of the poster
  13. As they wisest people here would say, when the last bears start developing horns.....this country will be truly doomed
  14. Thank you very much for all your thoughts - You have given me few points to consider, the renting solution for my dad is probably the best one, i would not even mind to acutally helping him to pay the rent for few months until he sells his flat. Laurejon, you are definitely right, business and family should never mix and I think he will understand if I explain how important is for me and my husband to own our own place - one day.... The reason why he thinks he cannot have a simultaneos transactions is because, the law of the jungle reigns there, if you don't commit on the spot with cash, s
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