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  1. If only people knew that “corrections” happened for specific and often unpredicted reasons and not because they are “due”.
  2. That’s because you like to harp on about governments explaining away bed decisions made in self interest. This exposes you to being wrong all the time.
  3. I wonder when you will work out that politicians are capable of knowing something has risks and still supporting it.
  4. Well done. Great place to come and tell all the wrong people that post warnings here
  5. True 3 months ago according to this forum True 6 months ago according to this forum
  6. 1. The only constant in science is disproof, not proof. 2. They model, they don’t predict. They never say “we think the peak will come after x amounts of doublings”. their final tally ranges come from models that decide how many doublings there will be for them.
  7. It looks to have peaked in a city made up of 13% the population of the UK. And henry the king thinks Sage models are for this 13% of the UK, not the UK as a whole? Clueless
  8. You’re treating an online forum as representative of the outside world. Wow
  9. Nonsense. You must have missed the days it was revealed vaccines we effective. And the days when waves finished and large sections of the population were unaware subsequent waves were expected. You are clueless and think the hyperbole of recent improved statistics is novel. You also seem to think a subsequent very severe wave is impossible. Clueless.
  10. Said millions of people every few months since March 2020…
  11. An objective mind would tell you that the majority of nearby countries are upping restrictions probably on the advice of similar organisations, meaning theres nothing unusual about SAGEs doom and gloom. Therefore they will remain. Less hyperbole and you’ll get more persuasion across.
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