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  1. It took me a split second to link early death amongst the homeless with alcoholism, drug use, lack of medical care and the high suicide rates / mental health problems that are all issues with the homeless. It took a while longer to dawn on me that the beeb would link it to HB cuts. Obviously I am not cynical enough.
  2. Its a ruse to get round ther pay parity requirements of the agency workers regs which came into effect in October. The regs state that agency workers will qualify for pay parity with at least one member of staff of the employer. But since in this case the employer owns the agency, whatever they pay the agency staff is automatically parity with the pay of one of the employers own workers. And to achieve this saving, everything was rushed through and is a complete mess.
  3. Training agency. Sorry, to give them their full title they are 'Parasite training agencies'. A lot of these training agencies get a kickback from the govt for helping the long term unemployed into work. Can be upwards of £2k per candidate. I guess it will be the same for apprenticeships. For 2 minutes of helping ensure the young dont get a fair wage, these charlatans are rewarded with as much money as is on offer to Chantelle/ Wayne for 5 months of getting up at 5am!! The system is fooked!!!! Rigged!!!
  4. Our bin wasnt collected on the day of the strike. Should have had normal household waste and garden bin collected. Instead council website said leave recycling out thurs and fri and they may come round - no guarantees. Also leave household bins out on saturday. No recycling collected thurs or fri. Took household bin out early sat am to see the recycling lorry. The 3 people inside the lorry all looked at me putting out what i thought was the correct bin. They didnt slow down to advise me to get the recycling bin. Household bins were never collected. So there you have it. A day off in the week for Xmas shopping. Time and a half for working saturday (allegedly to catch up) and be as obstructive as possible to ensure maximum disruption. They must have flown round their route saturday morning cos no-one had the recycling out! Still paid for full day even though they were probably only out for 3 hours!* * it would only have taken this long if they stopped off for breakfast to pad things out a bit!
  5. Asking prices are falling. I regularly do a rightmove search for 'added in last 14 days' for my city - Coventry. I then check the price of the median listing. Its currently showing 264 properties added in 14 days. Listing number 132 is up for £130k. My link The median asking price round here has slowly but surely dropped on a consistent basis. Even in the depths of April 2009 the median listing was close to £160k. Additionally, the land reg says that the average house in my city is selling at 5% down on this time last year and nominal prices are back at somewhere between june-july 2004! July 2004 detached: 249,593 Semi: 135,321 Terraced: 95,022 Flat: 84,602 Overall: 108,034 October 2011 Detached: 249,234 Semi: 135,126 Terraced: 94,885 Flat: 84,480 Overall 107,879 Edit to add: I get the impression that a lot of people on here judge the general mood of the market on the basis flimsy anectdotal evidence such as one or two kite flyers who set initial asking price at extrortionate levels. I could easily find people listing at 2007+20%. But I know they are wide eyed and just about to find out how bad things are. Equally, the odd house sells for a lot more than it would if the buyer wasnt a damn fool from down south who thinks he's got a steal and pays more than any local ever would. But all in all, prices are falling
  6. Nailed it! Numerous temporary supports for a failing market. They dont solve the problem. They delay the pain.
  7. Looking at new listings like this, I can see why once bullish investors step back form the parapet. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=32264551&sale=42999644&country=england The house originally sold for £80k 12 years ago. Streetview and the pics in the listing suggest heavy mewing (conservatory, speedboat) and the outraged borrower removing everything that moves when leaving cos they paid for it! Maybe, just maybe the penny has dropped with the investor that paying current prices is simply settling the credit card bill for someone elses extravagance.
  8. So they are complaining about struggling on £40k but have chosen to retain a £360k mortgage. These people should be exempt from qualifying for benefits. A lack of free money may just focus their minds. Its People like this that we save with low interest rates. They are a good advert for hiking rates now and purging the system of such mindless financial recklessness! If they are paying 4% on their mortgage the interest alone will be roughly half their monthly income. They aren't spring chickens. It won't end well for them, they should be put out of their misery.
  9. 1. Dont they have to surrender the house when declaring themselves bankrupt? 2. If it is optional, why the hell didnt they take the chance to rid themselves of a £50k shit sandwich?
  10. This video should come with a health warning for thse with high blood pressure. Why the feck should I feel sorry for a bankrupt who still lives in their £310k house? Why wasnt it taken form them and sold to someone who can afford to live there, freeing them up to find somewhere more affordable thus negating the need to be spoon fed tax credits! Edit for numerical accuracy and chance to wipe foam from the side of my mouth!
  11. I am glad they are in trouble. I wished them ill a number of years ago when I was unfortunate enough to buy something from them. I know nothing about gaming. It really doesnt interest me. I went into one of their stores about 6 years ago and bought a game as a Xmas present. The emo kid who served me didnt even look at me, never mind engage me in conversation. He was busy talking to his colleague about his best score on some game or other. I hate it when this happens. I immediately resolved never to go in one of their stores again. But it got worse. On Xmas day, it transpired that the game I bought could not be played. It needed some extra memory. The recipient was frustrated to have the game he wanted but couldnt use it - and I felt bad that i had given a present that couldnt be used. If I had bought from a company employing proper salespeople I am sure I would have been advised about this and I would certainly have bought the extra memory - it was only a few quid. At the same time the company gets to upsell an order. I am sure I am nort alone with my experience of this company. No wonder they are in sh!t street. Poor management seems to be the comany creed!
  12. Average price £159,999 Change Monthly -0.9% Annual -3.2% Next index: 11am on As Joel Hills tweeted 16th Nov! Efit to add Is there some wierd and wonderful way they calculate the monthly decrease? The average price in Sept was £162,109. Now £159,999. I make that a 1.3% nominal fall.
  13. Surely when they laugh at how small their house is, at some point a penny has to drop and they get struck by the thought "Feck me, we've paid nearly a quarter of a million quid for this tiny place, how on earth are we going to make a profit on it and laugh at the poor [email protected] who give us a nice tidy profit?" They're more likely to pi$$ blood through their eyes!
  14. So far 93,000 people on facebook have pledged to make Nirvana's 'Smells like teen spirit' No1. Its an anti X-factor thing again. X-factor had a girl group who had the same name as a 'teen' charity. They went about trying to get all the name rights and landed the charity with a huge legal bill. In the end, after a f'book campaign the girl band changed their name. But still the campaign rages to beat Cowell's next puppet to the top spot.
  15. How about a 'no confidence in the housing minister'? I am sure someone here could craft a very reasoned and damaging statement re the state of housing in this country and how woefully out of touch the housing minister is. Mention of FTB conferences with builders, mortgage brokers and banks but not a single ftb - thus he made the assertion last night on newsnight that every single ftb in their 30's would be cheering his policy announced yesterday. A damning assertion that it is a policy win for the lobbyists and misuse of taxpayers money could just put Shapps neck in the noose. The bloke is out of touch. Policy is woefully inadequate. You wont get a govt change from an e-petition, but i wonder if Shapps could be the first minister sacrificed. Every news item which allowed comments yesterday showed that almost everyone who could be bothered to comment disagrees with the new policy announcement. Additionally, If the e-petition calls for the head of a minister you would probably get loads of signatures from parties disinterested in the actual petition but would sign it because it attacks the tories. Lets use them! I think there is a lot of anger and resentment about this policy. A successful petition would also show that the proles dont like lobbying or ministers being bought by big business.
  16. Someone openly stated prices could fall 15% or more without being challenged or ridiculed! Apparently Grant thinks every first time buyer in their 30's will delighted to be able to buy on a high ltv mortgage. Perhaps he should have invited a few ftb's to his ftb workshops and fewer industry lobbyists. I was annoyed when I heard this announced this morning. I've sent him numerous tweets to demonstrate my anger. I think I'll be doing the same for a few days.
  17. Went shopping in Solihul last Sunday. Much nicer shops than Coventry. Usually have to go to the top floor of the car park to find a space. This time there was lots of empty spaces on the 2nd floor. Also..... The 'added in last 7 days' rightmove search i do on the whole of my city had a median price of roughly £145k 12 months ago. Currently this figure is floating around the £130k mark.
  18. So you think the price is high and the key thing putting you off is a 1% levy?
  19. Calling Injin for comment.............. 11.58am: Peter Walker sends more on the arrival of the police at the UBS building a little earlier. Peter Walker We just had some brief drama here. More or less as soon as I was escorted out of the building so the occupiers could hold a meeting, several heavily armed police arrived – they had a machine guns as well as handguns – followed by a few more vans. The police looked very jumpy, ready for action. Protesters started leaning from the windows, worried. Overhearing a chat between an officer and two activists, it transpired that police had received calls about a supposed disturbance at the UBS building across the road. The protesters assured police this wasn't the case.
  20. A few snippets from his twitter timeline. Think he forgot himself in his misery.... joelhillssky Joel Hills We've never had it so gloomy. UK economy stagnating. Bank of England says will continue to flatline for next 9 months. 3 hours ago joelhillssky Joel Hills A million more people out of work today vs 4 years ago, chasing fewer jobs. Over same period no. vacancies in economy down 210,000. 2 hours ago joelhillssky Joel Hills For more jobs we need economic growth. UK GDP grew by miserable 0.5% in last year. BoE says will continue to flat-line into mid-2012. 2 hours ago joelhillssky Joel Hills Oh, and house prices are falling. Land Registry data (most accurate) says down 0.9% in England and Wales in Oct, down 3.2% on last year. 2 hours ago
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