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  1. I too have created an imaginary £10k a year self employed job, Mrs (as in real life) has chronic illness and claims ESA with 2 imaginary teenage boys.

    We could get £6962.80 working tax credit, £6111.04 Child tax credit, £6409 housing benefit, £1047, Council Tax support and £1788 HB. This on top of my £10k and Mrs £5616.

    That means we would have 37935 disposable income each year.

    To maintain this same income in the world of gainful employment the hobbyist self employed person would have to earn £43,104.

    State largesse.

    Edit to add: My 16 hour week earns (£10k plus benefits) a total of £32319pa. On this basis my tax exempt hourly rate is £38.84.

  2. When i came to Cov as a student Caradoc Hall was to be avoided. Henley Green is a rough area. Locals used to beat students up because, well because they were students.

    I am sure if you could get unemployment stats for this area alone (instead of diluting them with the rest of Cov) the rate would be as high as anywhere else in the country.

    I reckon if you sent Syrians to be housed in Caradoc Hall, they would gladly go back to a war zone.

    Anyway, some dodgy fecking chancer who spvnked £2mill on these flats at peak, now thinks he can double his money. Someone should tell him people only buy in places like Henley Green out of desperation when the market is at a peak.

  3. Yesterday morning whilst having a sharp intake of caffeine before work, i saw HUTH. In particular a dentist who in 2007 was fed up of renting a dental practice cos its dead money. So she and other half paid £240k for an old house, spent (I think) £150k on refurb which took ages due to getting permissions for change of use.

    Cameras went back when work was complete in 2013, couple were told it might now be worth £250-£275k.


    If only she had stumbled across this forum she could have saved a lot of cash and heartache

  4. I run a recruitment agency. We used to get inundated with illegals with fake ID. This will merely add a shot in the arm to the fake ID industry

    Will landlords know how to spot fakes? Ive often taken fake ID in the past and given it to the police. Plod simply couldnt be bothered. They didnt know how to identify a fake other than to check if the name existed and did it match the passport / visa number. It was beyond their comprehension that someone could use the name and numbers from genuine ID, and put someone else's photo on it.

    On one occasion I gave a fake ID to the police, they said they had done checks and the ID number and name were genuine. I tried to point out that the person bearing the ID is not the person who was issued the ID with that name. This blew plods mind. The response was, 'now you're opening a whole can of worms, i want to close this case, i am going to give the ID back'.

    So, against a backdrop of police not being interested in lifting illegals, we are now threatening 5 years in prison for people who house these people.


  5. I know the area where she lived very well. Spital is not posh. Cant have cost much to keep up with the Joneses.

    See link below


    I'm gonna start a completely baseless rumour she was feeding a coke habit, most of Chesterfield is.

  6. Our local hospital in Coventry is a perfect example of the huge fraud this allows. The figs and detail are disputed, but link shows clearly how this fraud works.


    Needed a £30m re-fit. This wasnt meaty enough to get pfi interest, so planned a £174m rebuild. But the costs spiralled and total build was £440m..

    The £440m total cost to the pfi co will be repaid at a cost of £3.3bn over 30 years.

    I believe Monbiot is wrong about the car park. I cant find a link now, but there was a cost of car parking campaign a few years ago, it was suggested the hospital had guaranteed a minimum revenue to the pfi project, so they could not reduce the costs without affecting the clinical budget.

    I do know for certain that parking is a massive issue. Not enough spaces. Many staff have to park in the Asda (Or Homebase) up the road and get a bus to work.

    The whole project seems to have been designed around maximising return, with scant regard to making the project work.

  7. They are both the same....economically there is very little between them...there are stronger forces in play.

    I dont disagree. I think the point i didnt make was that labour are going to paint themselves as the solution to the problem they exacerbated, and we should believe this because the tories are nasty.

    It does seem as if 'affordable housing' will be a big part of their manifesto for the coming election. Even though letting the market correct so that housing becomes affordable is the last thing from their minds. The so called conservatives dont seem to think its an issue. (Part) Home ownership is their mantra.

  8. Its a 'bash the nasty tories for expensive housing' piece in a lefty rag. At the same time overlook the contribution of the other lot.

    Apparently young people today are priced out of housing because of the tories. It must be true because her flat went up from 33 to 57k in a decade. My quick scan didnt see any blame laid at Gordons feet for the increase in the price of her house from 92k in 94 to 660k today. The tories alone are to blame for young people being priced out of expensive housing. Simple as that.

    Labour are blameless. Nasty tories.

    The worrying thing is some people believe this sh!t.

    ETA: She obviously doesnt want to see prices fall, the nasty party did that in the late 80's, she 'lost' £25 grand and many of her generation of winners were 'trapped'.

    The more i read her confused ramblings, the more the bitch makes me angry.

  9. I got as far as the first line before I disagreed with the article.

    Apparently the UK has been in trouble since 2008. And then the abyss came out of nowhere...........

    I did read on to notice that the author dissects the public spending by examining welfare spending pre and post recession (D'uh) but fails to acknowledge the early stages of the credit bubble was the only thing keeping GDP positive for 7/8 years.

    He does acknowledge that consumer demand collapsed with the credit crunch but fails to join up the dots. Credit fuelled demand collapsed. He seemed to think the answer was to replace such unsustainable consumer demand by letting the public sector live beyond its means until the point consumers could pick up the slack and resume the unsustainable credit backed spending once more.

  10. The Labour Party is now trying to persuade the Tories that socialism doesn't work? :lol:

    No. They havent joined the dots between throwing increasing amounts of money at a market for which the supply is price inelastic. They dont see that the increasing amounts of free money (and immigration) serve only to fuel demand and thus raise the market price whilst having little impact on supply.

    There point is one of class warfare. The working poor are struggling because they arent given more free money (which would drag even more people into the ranks of the working poor).

    No joined up thinking, but what do you expect from any political party?

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