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  1. Caveat Mortgagor

    Putting in low offers

    I wanted to give myself more power and control in negotiation. When we were viewing our house I told the agent my wife and I were interested and I would call him in 2 days. I then called him the very next morning and asked if the buyer was contactable. I then told him my wife suffered a stress related condition and I wanted to protect her from the stress of waiting for an offer to be accepted and that we had to reach an agreement that day whilst she was oblivious to the conversation I was now having with the agent. I stated that failure to reach an agreement that day would mean I would go home and put my wife off the house. All of a sudden I was in control. The vendor had an offer which he 'knew' was only on the table for the next few hours. We paid £120k for a house which had been on the market for offers over £155k. In fairness, I let him think he had won because I initially offered £115k, £120k was his counter. I still wonder if I accepted too quickly. It was all done in about 2 hours.
  2. Caveat Mortgagor

    Are Cars More Expensive Now?

    But car finance isnt cheap. A lot of manufacturers charge in excess of 5% apr on their own approved finance deals for new cars. Buy a second hand approved used from main dealer and they want 10%+ interest. Interesting to note that the manufacturers who offer cheaper credit have lower residual values as people are more likely to have a new car on low interest / interest free for very similar payments to a used car at 10%+ apr.
  3. Caveat Mortgagor

    Media Talking Down House Prices

    Absolute radio news this morning reported 'Fears' for the housing market. Newsreader used hushed tones. All blamed on Brexit. They then had an essex boy estate agent who said on the day of the brexit result the phones in his office were quieter that day. So there you have it. Brexit to blame for fears of the housing market. Good news though, Carnage will oversee a cut in interest rates.
  4. Caveat Mortgagor

    Theresa May Touches On Housing Crisis

    That could be valuable information to know before a public announcement.
  5. Caveat Mortgagor

    Boris Johnson Will Not Run For Leadership Of U.k. Conservative Party

    Prompted by your comment Ive done a bit of googling on her. Surprised no one has so far mentioned she is a BTLer. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/revealed-how-city-minister-andrea-leadsom-used-controversial-trusts-to-reduce-her-potential-9268469.html
  6. Landlord mortgages plummet by 85% after stamp duty changes https://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/jun/15/landlord-mortgages-plummet-by-85-after-stamp-duty-changes?CMP=twt_gu
  7. Caveat Mortgagor

    Bhs + Tax Credits

    For the sake of accuracy I will point out it doesnt specify what benefits were paid out, could include HB also. All the same, it is pretty damning that his divis are similar in the amount of state subsidy to his employees.
  8. Thanks for that, i had a brainfart! (Can i blame my hayfever for causing me a lack of clarity of thought?)
  9. There is no hard and fast definition of what we are to vote for, certainly in terms of what a brexit vote would mean. However to address the OPs query, its the Schengen agreement which gives free movement across member states. Bearing in mind DC would be negotiating on our behalf, and he's an inner. Also consider the following: DC stated immigration would slow down to 10's of thousands in the run up to the 2010 election. He was always going to fail as he cannot control EU migration, but he has failed to control non EU migration. In fact figures released by the ONS showed that in the 12 months to June 2015, net migration from non EU countries was 191k, compared to 172k net migration from EU countries. So, the aspect of immigration DC could have controlled he has ignored. Even if there was to be restrictions put on to UK entry / right to work for those from other EU countries, the evidence suggests DCs policy would be to make it a formality that they would be accepted. No wonder they havent defined what we are to vote for. DC wants us to wait for the result and then he can tell us what we asked him to do. DC is trying to create a "heads I win, tails you lose" situation.
  10. Caveat Mortgagor

    Company Tax Changes

    When one door closes another one opens. Hint: I guarantee you will see Gidiot standing up in Parliament boasting about the number of new business start ups. The sudden spike should provoke some thought.
  11. Caveat Mortgagor

    March Budget

    Helicopters at the ready
  12. Caveat Mortgagor

    Uk Consumes Far Less Stuff Than Decade Ago

    Income used to service greater (housing) debts rather than fund consumption?
  13. Caveat Mortgagor

    Drip Drip Drip Drop Drop Drop

    Sorry no, but I had her car towed away because it was parked on the road with no tax or MOT. She deserves everything she gets.

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