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  1. Anyone believe any of the ********? The Chancellor's Debate (YouTubed)
  2. See it on YouTube: Question Time 25th March
  3. PMQs prior to the budget (YouTubed) PMQs 24th March
  4. As usual, see it here on YouTube: PMQs 17th March
  5. I thought the whole thing was awful, we'll be lucky to have a hung Parliament let alone see the back of Brown: See it on YouTube if you have no iplayer access: PMQs 10th March
  6. For those of you without iplayer access etc see it on YouTube if you have the stomach for it: Question Time 4th March
  7. You can see the first forty minutes on YouTube here: Question Time February 11th
  8. Question Time on YouTube: Question Time October 15th – expenses, cont.
  9. You can see the first fifteen minutes here and watch Hislop giving Cooper Balls a drubbing: Question Time 8th October
  10. I've uploaded most of it to YouTube, Starkey fans will be delighted: Question Time October 1st – Prime Mentalist Edition
  11. Yes, follow the link and it's all in a table, referenced and where possible linked.
  12. I'm afraid Labour are well underway regarding stealing your savings, the only way they will pay off all their liabilities is through massive inflation, i.e. stealing your savings: Labour's Legacy of Liabilities All six and a half trillion pounds worth.
  13. I've put most of it up on YouTube. Harman was great fun, struggling with Laws over the red book, Hitchens comment on Harman sending her kids to grammar school. All in all one of the better QT's: Question Time July 2nd
  14. The only danger to the world from 'climate change' is the lunatic proponents of it who would have us all living in the dark ages. If you want to see just how bad the economy is watch Liam Byrne lying his pants of with Paxo on Newsnight last night: â€At least do us all the courtesy of assuming we’re not foolsâ€.
  15. See Sky News from 6:00pm reporting on those under investigation: MORLEY, CHAYTOR, CHAPMAN, BARONESS UDDIN & LORD CLARKE IN THE FRAME
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