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  1. Then it isn't going to ruin the countryside, is it. Straw man.
  2. The upside being a lot less estate agents exist in 10 years time
  3. I was looking at XUKS when the ftse was 6k a couple of weeks back... but I decided not to as we were looking to buy a house, and consequently I wanted to keep the cash available. We are now moving into a new rental, and I have probably missed my opportunity on the ftse. I'm consoling myself knowing that we didn't crack and by the house. As for the spread betting short on the ftse, good luck!
  4. That's because a lot of people on this board have only known a time of unaffordable houses during their adult lives, have not wanted to get into such a ludicrous amount of debt, and then watched all that Labour created cause the whole economy to turn to rat shit. Tell me, how did you form your political opinions?
  5. What about, gas, electricity, water, jobs, roads, public transport? Or are you talking about mass construction projects, because surprisingly they build in what were once fields. I don't buy the ruin the countryside argument, does any comparible country in the world back your assertions up?
  6. Looks good to me. If you set up the epetition, please link here!
  7. Ironically, it shows how fecking useless ratings agencies are, if they were rating Ireland as aaa only 2 years ago...
  8. Maybe. But without using a word that sound like "sold" or "gilver", where? I need somewhere for my family to live...
  9. Yep. I have a new job starting with a French company in the UK (this is my exit strategy). I will be moving away from London, which means house prices are only mental (as opposed to bat shit insane), and consequently will be looking to blow my deposit on a house should the right thing come along (this is my stay in the UK but GTFO of London strategy). I too am losing faith rapidly, and very nearly bought a house recently, as I see my deposit eroding, and adding to it becoming harder, due to inflation.
  10. Constant road noise from the A1 and A17 most likely. Great place though.
  11. It never fails to astonish me what people pay... assuming it sold for within 10% of asking. I am so out of touch, and it is very depressing.
  12. What I don't get is how Posen can keep voting for an increase in QE. What possible reasoning can he have for doing so, given the MPC remit of tackling inflation. I guess one of the puppets needs to keep the appearance of a possibility of further QE, to show the markets how vigilant they are.
  13. Why not do it yourself? I have contacted the councillors and Grant Shapps (for all the good it will do).
  14. When the person sells, will the new purchaser need a grant as well?
  15. Rather than making land "more affordable", link it to looser planning regulation IMO.
  16. Can the each of the panel please define "debt" and "deficit".
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