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  1. "Feature wall" "Investment property" "Dual aspect" Pretty much anything uttered in that estate agent fake posh plummy accent. Also, people who say "pacifically" rather than "specifically"... God damn that's annoying.
  2. I have started looking for contract roles this evening... I need to make myself more tax efficient to try and counteract this ********.
  3. I totally agree, although they are only "silly wages" in that environment. It may in some small way reduce the gap between the wealthiest and the poorest as well. What is the reason for the cost of housing btw? Something to do with politicians and bankers?
  4. Fair enough. I have no idea about that, as I have never considered doing the job. To be honest, I don't understand your first point if you wouldn't want to do it anyway... indeed it makes a bit of a mockery of it. I don't have an opinion or knowledge of who decides what - what is the process, and how else could this be done? I somewhat agree, but the tone is that is because "they" resent the tube drivers for receiving a reasonable salary. In my opinion, "they" should find it unreasonable that they don't get paid enough. I guess that is a fairly subtle, but significant difference to the attitude shown on this thread. Also, how do you know the people who use the tube are better educated? That's the kind of thing people with a superiority complex would say, and is pretty subjective in a lot of cases. It would seem to me the smarter person would be the tube driver.
  5. Because I think it is. Yes. In my opinion, we should be moaning that everyone else is paid too little. The gap between the richest and the poorest is increasing, cheering this on by wanting tube drivers to have lower salaries isn't doing anyone any favours.
  6. Because that is my opinion. Moaning about someone earning £50K for doing a job in London is pathetic. That's because I think it costs a fortune to live any sort of decent life in London. I don't however agree with being held to ransom, or a shocking service, so I voted with my feet and left London. You can do whatever you like. I am offering you an alternative view, which you may or may not agree with, but in my opinion is valid. You need to start at the cause, not the effect.
  7. I am not sure I understand what you are saying. You are ALLOWED to say whatever you want, aren't you? My point is about perspective to to with the topic which the thread is discussing, not restricting people point of view.
  8. How much does a decent standard of living cost in London and the surrounding areas cost, including purchase of a house, and raising a couple of kids? I am not talking about buying a shoebox, in a crime riddled dump, where you go to sleep to the sound of sirens and police helicopters. 50K is ****** all in London, which is why I left the place. I also think the tube service is pathetic (constant signal failures) and the rolling stock is abysmal, and the miltancy of people that do get a reasonable deal is crazy. They only have themselves to blame when they are replaced by automation. In the meantime, driving them into poverty isn't going to make the service any better.
  9. OK, a state handout for which they are not salaried to receive. Does the underground being subsidised mean that the commuters in London benefit? I have no VI in TFL or the tube, and have recently moved away from London as I hate the place. Arguing that a few hundred workers (or however many there are) don't get paid a reasonable London wage to live and work in London, (when we have banksters and liar politicians mutually thieving from us, our children, and grandchildren) is frankly pathetic.
  10. Would that really be your solution? It's a pretty narrow minded view, and part of the reason for the size of the benefit dependant underclasses, and ever widening gap between the richest and the poorest. That leads, in my opinion, to a lower quality society and makes the country a worse place to live. I don't really want to discuss the differences between McDonalds employees and tube drivers, and I would probably agree that driving a tube is not the most taxing job in the world. However, to give one reason, I would assume there is a reasonable amount of training cost involved in train driving, so you would need to look at it in terms of a career as you wouldn't want such high turnover of staff as I suspect McDonalds would have. What is your beef about paying someone a reasonable salary to do a job, which by definition, means they need to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world? Personally, I don't begrudge anyone the right to earn a decent livable wage, that means the don't need to top up with state handouts. In London, that's probably around £50k in my opinion, and is the reason I have relocated away from there.
  11. They need to live in London though... 50K practically is minimum wage (at which you don't need to claim other benefits and still have a reasonable quality of life), living in London.
  12. Excellent access for the M1 there for 1/2 a million quid . I guess that at least means it'll be easy to escape the North and head back to "civilization" in the South .
  13. What we need is more 100%+ mortgages... to get this market moving again. It`s all down to the terrible blight that is mortgage rationing, won`t someone please think of the poor home loaners!
  14. The media and VIs are still feeding the denial though... and there is plenty of it out there still. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/house-prices-drop-12-says-the-halifax-2350555.html
  15. Do you plan to buy another house, and will you check the previous sold price? Edit: Top trolling btw
  16. Judging by the map, it is on top of the M1 and the mainline railway. Even in London, why would anyone want to part with any money at all to live in it, never mind 12 x the national average salary. Depressing.
  17. Yep. I have just applied for a role in La Défense, for pretty much this reason. Paris isn`t my dream destination, but we can afford a nice big detached house, with around 800m2 garden, with 30 minutes commute. By comparison, for a similar price, and distance from work in London I would probably get a 2 bed terrace in a shit hole, or a 1-2 bed flat somewhere I would actually want to live (though I wouldn`t actually want to live there, if you see what I mean ). I would dearly love to stay in the UK, but it is a huge quality of life compromise versus the rest of europe IMO. Edit: I thought about it, and I am not sure I would actually.
  18. More importantly, will we keep subsidising 20% forever, or is affordability going to come down eventually? What about in a few years time, when the next lot want to buy houses, and 20% isn't enough? Absolutely no long term view from the media, politicians, VIs at all. And another thing, if rents carry on going up, and people can afford less and less, naturally the (already shocking) quality of housing stock decreases even further.
  19. Meh, the general public haven't a fecking clue. IMO, monetary policy should just be controlled by the government directly, rather than farmed out to the MPC so that our pathetic leaders can hide behind them... which is more or less the same as you suggest.
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