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  1. Bedroom 4: 7'11 x 5'0 Lol wow. That's not much bigger than a cupboard is it?
  2. Have to agree with this. I could not have even got over the first hurdle of the recruitment consultant sift for the jobs I have had over the years without the necessary certificate abbreviations on my CV. In this climate especially, even if the Cisco exams are more of a test of memory than every day working skills still, as you rightly point out, show a bit of willingness to learn.
  3. But I guess, playing devils advocate, those who are part time could be seen as less interested in the company, and more interested in their free time..? Is it a big firm? What I mean is are you actually a name and a face, unlike my huge company in which I am simply a statistic on a balance sheet. If you are the former I would make it clear to those in charge that you are doing it for "their benefit" so you do appear to be the team player as suggested. If you are, like me, the latter it probably doesn't matter either way, and will be a true 50:50 call. I would go with what your instinct tells you (i.e. take that Friday or Monday extra for yourself and enjoy it!)
  4. Brown is absolutely 110% nucking futts.
  5. http://www.conservatives.com/Policy/Where_...and/Europe.aspx The question is, what do you want Cameron to do about it now... is there anything he can do? The best thing in my mind is for the British people to get a democratic vote on Europe, and based on the European policy of the Conservatives, that means getting them in QUICK since Herr Brown decided to renege on his promise of a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon. Every PMQs I have watched recently involves the call for the Fuhrer to call a general election, but he is running scared obviously. The British people need to take to the streets, and force the call for an election.
  6. Lol, this. Anywhere outside of the awful cities in this country. I only live near one for work, and currently hate it. The sooner I can work from home permanently, and thus live far away from a city, and more specifically the benefit scrounging chav scum, the better. Labour has turned this countries cities into a toilet.
  7. Apologise is this has been posted already, but i've only just seen it... link My question is, does the forum think this is a one off, or are we likely to see more rises despite the low base rate? If so, is now a good time to try and tie up a low fixed rate mortgage for 5 years? My view is that there is a lot of adjustment to come yet in the housing market, and also still a lot of uncertainty. I therefore am staying well away for the time being, but would like your views. Rgds. Cisco.
  8. Wouldn't it be ironic if this month we acually saw the end of the spring bounce/ bull trap/ whatever you want to call it, and the FTSE started falling...
  9. * GASP * I think you are missing the bigger picture - but to be fair with the headines in one national paper this morning that the recession is over, I am not surprised people are thinking like this. I saw the countries current debt and projections graphs on newsnight tonight and was pretty shocked to be honest. We have an unbelievably over inflated and unsustainable public sector in this country which had to be slashed to try to claw our way out of this debt, which is going to leave huge numbers of people out of work and I cannot see how this is avoidable (maybe someone can help me out here...). You cannot keep on taxing the productive people to hand it over to the non public sectors. In your example, what happened to the people she fired? Did she replace the same numbers of people?
  10. I simply don't think you can deny the figures. I am a bear, but I don't buy into the massive depression hyperinflation arguments, I would like to think I am more of a realist. In my humble opinion, an average salary of ~25K pa should mean an average house price of ~100K. When you look at the cack that some people are trying to flog at absolutely ludicrous prices, I wouldn't be surprised is some people lose quite a lot of money, so in those terms there maybe an element of fear as we see prices decline over the next few years. To be fair though, some people are so retarded that they deserve it.
  11. Would someone be so kind as to explain how we ended up going from £350bn to £1.4 trillion in debt in the 12 years of Labour, in a period of unbelievable economic growth? I think I must be missing something here, it is simply unfathomable to me how that could possibly happen... and I am genuinely at a loss to understand how this is achievable by even the worlds biggest group of morons. As an aside, does anyone feel that it is plausible that the main opposition party could be the Lib Dems following the next general election (with the Tories in power I mean)? Surely, for example, even the most politically motivated on budget moves (raising the top level of income tax) will have little effect in the traditional Labour heartland let alone elsewhere in the country... i.e. they're well and truly f*cked. Ta. the.ciscokid
  12. "I would rather take action and get it wrong, than go in there with a piece of paper and get it right, because that's easy" Wise words there Jim, thanks for that.
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