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  1. Indeed. In my experience it is often a lot cheaper and quicker to use a car, as there aren't any decent alternatives.
  2. I think this is why LuckyOne's Keynsian dream is impossible (in the UK at least).
  3. Interesting. Agree. Haven't they historically been the cause of the worst downsides of the economy?
  4. So does this prove once and for all that the Tories have been right all along (cutting spending etc. to bring the debt down to an acceptable level), and that the policies or spending (read borrowing) more employed by this retarded government of ours have been utterly flawed?
  5. There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who dont.
  6. I hate the ideology behind the comprehensive 1 size fits all schooling. It simply means those more able are held back. I went to a grammar school, and it was entirely due to this that I managed to do reasonably well. Spotting the right children early on means they are not held back in the future. "Education, education, education" were the promises, but all they have done is ruin the system IMO. Just like pretty much everything else.
  7. Probably better than having 3 organisations all pointing the finger at each other, and not being able to arrange the proverbial drinking session in a brewery. At least this way the finger will be clearly pointed in one direction, hopefully forcing a little bit of control.
  8. Ok, so they have bets hedged against as well, but i don't get how they can "gain both ways"... unless the game is rigged. Maybe I am just naive.
  9. Hmm yeah... The Irish voted no previously didn't they. The fact that they have to vote again kind of suggests that was the "wrong" answer. To be fair, at least they have had the "priviledge" of a democratic vote on the issue... albeit a democratic vote which is going to be continually voted on until they right answer is achieved - until a government brave enough gets into power and stops the madness. Are the Tories that party?
  10. David Hannan is a great voice on reason and sense. I can't help but think though, even with him, the EU vote in which UKIP did well and BNP winning seats, Labour did so badly there still seems to be a modist level of unrest about it. Especially since we literally through money down the proverbial toilet (£40M a day?).
  11. Daft indeed We were supposed to have a referendum were we not? Until they decided that democracy is only any good when it suits them.
  12. I hope you are right... The idea of a European Superstate commanded by Blair (unelected by the people of course) terrifies me.
  13. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8152099.stm Prior to the Irish ratifying Lisbon...
  14. Ok, I don't really get it. Do RICS only consider data from some inexplicably short period of time, rather than trends? Do they consider the state of the overall economy at all? They seem to like the simplistic version of the idea of supply and demand in the housing market too. But then at the end, they seem to say, "actually it probably wont last". So, is this just a bit of short term ramping... http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/mortgages-and..._id=57&ct=5
  15. I enjoyed this post. Humour of the highest quality Lord. That said, it is almost 01:00 and I am still f'ing working.
  16. Holy sh1t dude. I don't begrudge people the right to social housing etc... the issue really is with the "career" claimants, and the fvcked up society (read government) that created this bloody ticking timebomb. Do these people need mobile phones, sky tv, plasma screen tvs etc.
  17. Which reality are you talking about? The one I live in has rising unemployment, totally unsustainable public spending and debt increases, rising fixed mortgage interest rates with huge deposit requirements, and a general public of morons up to their eyeballs in credit card debt etc.
  18. Multiple houses is not the same as multiple other things. I agree that you cannot artificially limit peoples right to buy though.
  19. For this type of thing, and the reasons stated by the OP, emigration is the way to go (if you are able to find something suitable elsewhere). I am currently planning my escape. People often say "the grass is always greener" when I discuss this with them... but I simply refuse to believe that it is worse elsewhere in Europe. Time will tell I guess.
  20. OMFG. Imagine "bedroom" 2 with a chest of drawers, or cupboard in it. Or do people store their clothes in the kitchen these days? Mind you, that would mean I have no space for my can of beans and loaf of bread.
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