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  1. Pretty much yes, though he hasn't gone so far as to say "only". Which is why, now the Irish have provided the "right" result, call-me-Dave needs to man up and say that he will give us a vote regardless. I believe if he does that, the Tories will win the next GE by a landslide... if not, then I think a lot of might head the way of independants and UKIP, and it will be a marginal win. Question is, does he have the balls to take on the Unelected super powers in Brussels?
  2. The sooner Father and the Tetragrammaton take control, the better.
  3. So, even if that were all true, how does another layer of unelected bureaucracy get us to this utopia of which you speak? Will our glorious unelected leaders take us there with them? I know, forget about all the added frills which you describe, and lets start off with a bog standard democracy, and go from there.
  4. So lets have another layer of unelected bureaucrats to add to this Orwellian state. That sounds like an awesome idea. Why don't we have warmonger Blair head up this peaceful community. Still, we can come and go to the Costa Brava as we please.
  5. Hmm yes, war. We seem to be starting a few wars over oil. The EU has nothing to do with what you are talking about. It is the fault of the politicians, that dont give the people a vote, and go ahead against the will of the nation.
  6. Funny you should say that... I recently came back from a holiday in Canada, and Mrs Cisco and I are going to Opportunities Canada in 2 weeks. If anyone else is going/ up for it, see you there . I know the grass is always greener and all that, anything has to be better than the state of this country at the moment. I sometimes wonder if I am too paranoid... but Gordon Brown, and unelected PM signing us up to this without a referendum, so that we can have an unelected leader of Europe.. WTF! Are we not out in Afghanistan trying to force democracy on them... what a shining example we are setting.
  7. I wont be able to read this thread anymore, or my laptop might have to suffer my wrath.
  8. The whole thing is an utter disgrace. This does mean that Cameron will have to talk about Europe next week during the conference though. If he comes out all guns blazing, the GE will be a Tory landslide (if it isn't already). All he needs to do is say Labour lied in 2005, and I will call a referendum regardless. If he doesn't, i'll be voting UKIP regardless of anything else in their, or anyone elses manifesto. This single issue illustrates perfectly the fact that the politicians do as they please, they are not public servents, and we do NOT live in a democracy.
  9. The whole idea we are going to be led into Europe without the referedum we were promised, since it wouldn't be what those aboard the gravy train want frankly makes me despair. Are we a democracy (that's rhetorical)? Tony Blair at helm just adds insult to injury. I will be looking to Cameron to give difinitive promises to getting the UK out of this should he win the GE next year.
  10. You mean, already are (inspite of current policies and spending).
  11. Though I do think you give the Dark Lord a little too much credit for his abilities.
  12. He said exactly that. If he gets in before it is ratified, we will have a referendum. The difficulty comes if he gets in after it has been ratified... and yes, seeing as Labour promised a referendum in their manifesto - but wont have it as they know we the people of this "democracy" don't want any part of it, I agree it is currently a total sham. OP, I don't think your excerpt from the Telegraph really says what you seem to think it does?
  13. But how much did it cost to get those few things "right"? In any case, waiting lists is a pretty lousy measure of the quality of health care, the education system is an utter joke IMO.
  14. That's some deluded sh1t right there... Also, it sounds a bit like the intro to A-Team. Maybe in his head he is a crack commando...
  15. Not naive at all - The laffer curve is an old economic theory, and is the principle upon which your assertion can be based.
  16. Would buying shares help to combat the effect of inflation on my hard earned savings? Or should i be buying precious metals/ stones and burying the in the garden?
  17. I agree with you, though we need an armed force of sorts, and what little we budget for them should not be cut imo.
  18. Sorry bro, hugely wrong. The armed forces budget is miniscule compared with what it is tasked to achieve. It is massively over stretched, and is half the size it was in the 90's.
  19. My main concern is inflation due to a continuation of the ridiculous QE policy this spendaholic government is addicted to. Selling shares and watching my savings wither away in a bank would make me angry. No idea what the best plan is frankly.
  20. Most people here will advise you (including myself) not to buy anything at the moment. I am afraid this is a decision you are going to have to conclude for yourself by doing a significant amount of reading regarding the economy and its effect on the housing market etc. Be careful relying on any small group of people giving you advice, no one knows what is going to happen for sure. FWIW, if I could sell (I rent) and invest a huge amount of equity from that sale in anything other than housing stock I would do that. You mention that you are concerned regarding your business... can you afford to live in your current house if your business does go under? I think there is still alot of pain to be seen in the economy, if only because of the enormous debt the country is in. When the inevitable belt tightening happens, what will that do to your business, and the housing market? Interest rates will rise eventually, and wages aren't increasing - though unemployment is? Your area may well be unaffected at the moment, since there is clearly a lot of money where you are (maybe old money as well, so no problems for them in the short term regardless of the state of the economy...) but will it last?
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