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  1. Lol, 60 to 80k to save putting a trangia in the boot of a car... It takes all sorts I guess.
  2. Indeed. This is what you get for the average price of a UK house. To be fair, it is probably slightly larger than the average slave box in the UK...
  3. Astonishing. Somebody, please, plug me back into the matrix.
  4. The EPC has the floor area of the house on it, which EAs can rarely be arsed to add to the listing... so you can figure out £/m2. I realise in the uk, people generally don't seem to care, and would pay more for a "4 bed" even if it was smaller than a 3 bed in the same area, but I certainly find the information useful. The EPC can be another reason for a lower offer I guess, if it was that bad.
  5. Thanks for that, I had forgotten about property-wizza. I think the guy that runs the site posted on here a while back. OP, there is a site that property-wizza uses (link below) which does the neighbourhood profiling thing by the look of it: CheckMyArea
  6. The Acorn neighbourhood classification stuff is by CACI: http://www.caci.co.uk/acorn-classification.aspx There seems to be a "trial", so I guess that means it's not free public data.
  7. Very annoying. They seem to have bought it just to kill it off? Like houseprices.co.uk... though to be fair zoopla provides their house price search as a redirect. I wonder if they will ressurect the neighbourhood profiling in some other form when they have zooplarised it.
  8. Who owns the house at the end of the mortgage term? How is that tax relief? My heart bleeds. A BTLer will get the same "advantage" with the house they are the owner occupier of.
  9. You're off on another tangent now, talking about capital gains (and losses).
  10. Straw man. BTL is another form of income, and should thus be taxed fully at whatever rate is appropriate for that person. The owner occupier pays income tax (assuming they work) on the money used to pay down the mortgage, interest and all.
  11. Mortgage interest is tax deductable from rental income... that's a pretty enormous tax advantage over a FTB.
  12. I'll start with a question, as I am not 100% sure... can a section 21 notice be issued at any time during an AST? I think it can and, if I am right, it means the length of your AST means jack shit. My current contract is for 12 months, and has of clauses for early termination that I requested (as this suits my situation), however I have tended to do this in the past to give me the same power as a landlord has, based on my (potentially flawed?) understanding of Section 21. I want to be able to bail at any time I choose which, as it happens, it looks like I may be doing just that in the next couple of weeks.
  13. Interesting. I agree that they are often in pleasant areas etc., but my experience is different in terms of space... my childhood home was built circa 1500 though, so tiny rooms etc. That said a few friends in the same town lived in houses similar to the type you describe, so now you mention it, I understand where you are coming from. My experience is that the adaptation to modern day living means listed homes are less comfortable than something newer. To be fair though, I wouldn't say new build Barrat boxes are more comfortable, but I would tend go with practicality over charm. Ultimately it depends at what end of the market your budget allows you to look I guess.
  14. I have never heard someone say that about listed buildings before. I have lived in a couple in my childhood, and I have fond memories, but what are the "advantages"?
  15. When you see stuff like this, you can't help but think London housing is at the edge of an absolutely enormous precipice. Half a million pounds for a very low spec small 2 bedroom flat? How much do you need to earn to be realistically able to buy this... a couple earning £100K per year plus? I would be expecting a lot more for that much cash, earning that amount of money.
  16. The issue surely is that the type of people that want to be politicians are not the type of people you want running the country. Perhaps the best solution is some kind of jury duty type call up for local government roles. This might not mean you get the best person for the job in terms of skills, but the average Joe has different priorities to politicians, who don't really represent their constituencies to my mind. Enshrining manifestos in law would also be a reasonable step, hopefully forcing politicians to be more realistic.
  17. I was so impressed with this, I've posted this in the Most Overpriced Sh*thole thread crediting you TMT.
  18. Credit for this one goes to TMT in this thread. House in Swansea £195,000 for this...
  19. Because it is wrong. If you took the risk that they did, bought some land and hid a house in the woods for 4 years, you could do it.
  20. The quote in the article attributed to Geoff Wilkinson who owns a construction consultancy is interesting... An unlikely HPCer?
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