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  1. <snip>

    I haven't said a word. We're still registered with them and they're offering a nice looking place in Selborne, although the broadband there is non existent so we'll skip that one.


    Out of interest, I had a quick rightmove scan of rental places in Selborne. I am astonished at what an expensive place it appears to be to rent there. I'll admit they seem to be tidy inside, but £2K pcm for a 3 bed cottage? What am I missing with regards to living there?

    It appears to be 4 miles from Alton station, which is over an hour into London, so why the outrageous price? My assumption is the current owners are in the "can't sell it for what it is worth (;)) , so I'll rent it out" brigade.

    Edit: SP

    Edit 2:

    Ah, I was right :). £800K, and it doesn't even come with the 4 acres.

    Looks like it could be Heather Cottage. They still want a bit of "profit" it would seem.

  2. The solution is simple. No subsidised housing for people who haven't worked for x years. (x to be determined later) or can't work because they have young children.

    The severely disabled to be exempt.

    I know of women in their late 40's in London who have never worked but live in zone 2. Why should they be given free housing whilst others live in rubbish accomodation.

    Sadly I am related to some parasites and the way they abuse the system is awful. On the plus side they opened my eyes to the abuse of the system. If everyone in the UK knew these people UKIP would win the next election by a landside.

    Don't hate the player, hate the game.

  3. the offer realy is

    we buy your house at its 100% market value, knowing full well we will sell it for 80% of that value.

    we sell you our house which you cant get a mortgage for because its 150% of its real value.

    this serves a few purposes.

    1. you can buy our house because your putting down a huge deposit ie your old house.

    2. the bank will loan you the money on the questionable value of our property because of the large deposit, otherwise they wouldnt.

    3, we skim you for about another 50k we wouldnt get in a normal sell, due to the overpriced house less the loss on your property.

    4. the buyer thinks were honest because we paid full value of your house.

    5. kaching

    same scam is done with new cars.

    i hear people saying all the time we traded in the car to them, they gave us a real good price we were happy.

    what the forget is they then paid full wack with no discount for the new car, and could probably have got 5k off by buying online without trading in.

    its a marketing ploy, and a bit of a con to be honest, someone will know the name of this scam.


  4. Im sick of looking at this crises from a house price point of view.

    I still see crap 3 bedders in crap areas for 350k, but at the same time im buying bargain assets (1958 les paul custom £1150).

    I have got very tired of it all, houses are a laymans investment, i dont think i will be interested for a while.

    What is the BTU content of a 1958 les paul custom? ;)

  5. very plausible, yes

    they're too high compared to reasonable market forces, same thing that drives price drops of apples when they're in season

    Thanks again.

    If nominally prices remain the same, and I agree with the plausibility of that, could a reason for the real price drop be an increase in income? Or are you saying it would be just based on its cost, versus everything else in the economy? If we are getting poorer, due to price inflation and below inflation pay rises, I find it impossible to believe nominal prices would remain static?

  6. @cisco.kid:

    If it's fubra related, how come I've never had any of the problems that some people are reporting?

    There are 2 routes into the fubra network, and one of them has an issue (the device in question has a fubra domain name). I could speculate why some use one path, rather than the other, but there are quite a few potential reasons.

    LINX is the London Internet Exchange, which your ISP will almost certainly have a peering with, and traffic will cross one of their 2 LANs (juniper and extreme I think, but that's not significant, I'm just a network geek).

    It looks, based on the device name, as if fubra have connections to both, so based on which way your traffic is routing, you may hit the device that seems to have issues, or not as the case may be.

    Hope that has answered your question!

    Edit: rereading my post, it reads like I am saying linx2.thn.fubra.net is the dodgy device. I guess it could be, but actually I think it is something behind that further inside the fubra network.

  7. I have emailed Fubra about this problem for the past week - we are waiting for an update from them soon.

    Doccy, can you recommend that they shut down the peering on "linx2.thn.fubra.net"? It could be misconfiguration, but if the network is designed for traffic to be balancing across both peerings, then it could be 50% of website users that have been affected for weeks... pretty unacceptable really.

    If it were my network, I'd shut down that peering that seems to be having the issues, so all traffic hits linx1.thn.fubra.net, and try and resolve the issue from there. That said, I assume fubra have some network guys working for them, and have already considered this... so there must be a good reason for not doing so?

  8. Must be routing dependant upon ISP. I guess that then depends what links Fubra have out to t'interweb.

    mtr from my home box looks pretty clean following a short test... as you can see from below I am with virginmedia.

    reddwarf (                                                                                         Sun Jun 10 07:17:05 2012Resolver error: No error returned but no answers given. of fields   quit                                                                                          Packets               PingsHost                                                                                    Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev1.                                                                           0.0%    52    2.0   2.0   1.9   2.4   0.12. glfd-bam-2.network.virginmedia.net                                                    0.0%    52   39.3  39.7  38.4  49.8   2.03. glfd-core-2a-xe-110-2.network.virginmedia.net                                         0.0%    52   39.9  40.8  38.6  52.3   3.54. glfd-bb-1a-ae7-0.network.virginmedia.net                                              0.0%    52   39.2  49.5  38.9 217.0  31.75. nrth-bb-1b-ae4-0.network.virginmedia.net                                              0.0%    52   42.8  48.4  41.4 150.5  19.26. tele-ic-4-ae0-0.network.virginmedia.net                                               0.0%    52   45.1  51.5  43.8 124.2  17.57. linx1.thn.fubra.net                                                                   0.0%    52   45.1  45.3  43.9  48.4   0.98.                                                                          0.0%    52   46.6  47.4  46.3  49.2   0.69. housepricecrash.co.uk                                                                 0.0%    51   46.7  48.5  46.2  59.2   3.3
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