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    Expecting house prices to slowly deflate... like the long, drawn out death rattle of a man suffering from terminal flatulence.
  1. I like the "Elite Properties" search function, with a minimum price selection of £300k.
  2. Out of interest, I had a quick rightmove scan of rental places in Selborne. I am astonished at what an expensive place it appears to be to rent there. I'll admit they seem to be tidy inside, but £2K pcm for a 3 bed cottage? What am I missing with regards to living there? It appears to be 4 miles from Alton station, which is over an hour into London, so why the outrageous price? My assumption is the current owners are in the "can't sell it for what it is worth () , so I'll rent it out" brigade. Edit: SP Edit 2: Ah, I was right . £800K, and it doesn't even come with the 4 acres. Looks like it could be Heather Cottage. They still want a bit of "profit" it would seem.
  3. I am clearly not framing my question correctly, probably due to my lack of understanding, but thanks anyway.
  4. Thanks again. If nominally prices remain the same, and I agree with the plausibility of that, could a reason for the real price drop be an increase in income? Or are you saying it would be just based on its cost, versus everything else in the economy? If we are getting poorer, due to price inflation and below inflation pay rises, I find it impossible to believe nominal prices would remain static?
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