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  1. "Mr Brown, you're time is up" I can imagine Brown sat in his living room laughing with a can a Stella.
  2. I notice that it's busier every time I go. Anyway, I don't know all your circumstances but I really hope something comes up for you soon. Good luck.
  3. Did you see the sign saying "abusive behaviour will not be tolerated"? They have that in my local Jobcentre.
  4. Things are looking up guys, I just got a phone call to deliver phone books for a few weeks next month, maybe it's fate. Anyway, its something at least.
  5. Cheers for all the advice guys. Yeah, it's definitely important to keep positive. Also, Jobcentre = complete waste of time.
  6. Yeah thanks man, I appreciate it. Anyway, got a couple of options left and I'm looking into doing some voluntary work in a charity shop for a few weeks to help my C.V. Not exactly a "cool" thing to do but hey, needs must I suppose. Maybe I should look at some jobs abroad or something.
  7. I'm 19 and I've been claiming JSA for around 3 months now. Man, I must have applied for about 70+ jobs now, everything from cleaning to retail. I think my best bet is getting an apprenticeship now. I went to uni for one year but left because my course was crap and I've had hardly any work experience. It's hard some days, but I've learnt to keep my chin up and not get too down about it. The one thing I've learnt: School is a con. They tell you, do the Duke Of Edinburgh Award, become a Prefect and you'll end up with the job of your dreams and everything will be amazing. What a joke! They tell you that so you sit down and shut up and do the work. Even though I've been through some rough patches thus past year, I'm glad I left uni because I now know what real life is like in this country, shite. Just my experience. Good luck to all on here who are unemployed and I hope you find something soon, it's bad enough being unemployed when you live with your parents, it must be so much harder when you have a family to provide for.
  8. £300K, Jeez! That's a fair amount of dough. I've just started learning actually. Getting stuck into candlestick charts. Anyway, I'll definitely be saving up for a while whilst I'm still learning.
  9. Yeah I now realise that the amount is too little to start with. I didn't factor in commission in my original post.
  10. Thanks guys. Some great info there. Much appreciated.
  11. A minister begged the Commons authorities: "Please pay as much as you are able!" while putting home repairs on expenses, it has emerged. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/4/20090510/tuk-mp...le-dba1618.html
  12. 10:00pm - 11:50pm ITV4 Bride of Chucky
  13. ITV news at 10 revealed some more expenses claims including the one for personal security. It seems this will continue for some time. There's apparently eight pages of new claims in tomorrows Telegraph. Question, if the Telegraph is a Tory newspaper, why would they even release the info about the Tory MP's?
  14. From the MP's expenses Green Book, Page 7 : "Claims must only be made for expenditure that it was necessary for a Member to incur to ensure that he or she could properly perform his or her parliamentary duties". Think about all the claims made, T.V's, cleaners, sweets, furniture, etc and read that sentence again.
  15. And now we get this, from the Guardian website: Leaked MPs' expenses: police called in to find mole http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/may/08/m...mission-inquiry
  16. For me this opens up an whole new avenue that some people on here have hinted at already. Some of the claims are to do with property, therefore, a logical yet disturbing question must be asked, was the house price boom intentionally created as a way for these corrupt politicians to make money? Maybe my tinfoil hat is on too tight but think about it, it all fits. It seems to me that the absolute ENTIRE government in collusion with the banks created the boom, profited from the good days and then when it collapsed like they knew it would, simply used taxpayers money to bail them out. A true win/win situation. Just speculation but what do you guys think? I believe this goes FAR beyond someone just claiming for a bathplug.
  17. I see Jack straw only paid his back after he found out the expenses were going to be published. So basically if it wasn't going to be made public, he wouldn't have paid it back. SCUM!!!!!!
  18. Thanks. Yeah I kinda don't really have £1000 to start with though. I was hoping to start with like £100 or something just to get the hang of it a little and then hopefully progress from there. Obviously from my point of view there's no point putting loads of money into it if I just loose it, hence the reason for me starting with very little. I get the point about dealing charges though. I've got some books already about it. Thanks again for the info, much appreciated.
  19. Hi, I am interested in starting trading so I was wondering if any of you kind people could answer these questions for me. 1.) How do I actually "start" trading? Which online site do you use? 2.) I am mainly interested in trading the U.S markets, are there any huge differences between the U.S and U.K markets? 3.) How much is a reasonable amount to start out with (£50, £100)? 4.) Where can I get a sort of beginners guide to trading? Thanks for your time.
  20. I just saw it on the Daily Politics show. They had about a 3 minute slot on it.
  21. A point about the student loan interest rate. I went to a uni open day last saturday as I'm possibly looking to go in September and I was told it was 2.5%. Now, coincidentally my sister recently got a job down in London and she now earns enough money to start paying it back. We had some of the letters the student loan people sent around the house so I decided to take a look at how much she owes. When some of the forms were sent (last year around October) I saw that the interest payments were about £30-£40 per month. Now, the student loan people only take away £30 odd pounds out of her wage each month. Therefore, if the monthly interest payment is higher than the amount paid back each month, it is mathematically impossible to ever pay back the loan, and also, the total level of debt is actually GROWING rather than going down, EVEN with you paying how much the student loan company takes away from your wage. Of course that is at her current wage however. The only thing going for people now is the low interest rate, if that goes up by a lot, then people are gunna be screwed.
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