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  1. Why the ****** does everyone think cuts are a bad thing?!!! The solution to a debt problem isn't more debt!
  2. So Gordon, I guess you are going to have that general election now right?
  3. I hear that 70% of the WHOLE ARM market is expected to default. About the same (maybe more) than the subprime losses. Then there is also the Alt-A market on top of that.
  4. Lancashire, I'm looking for any general I.T work really. It is slowly improving though here.
  5. Didn't Darling change his mind last week and said that instead of the worst crisis for 60 years, it was the worst crisis for 100 years? The amount of B/S we're being told by the media is astonishing! Me thinks this is Brown trying to B/S people into believing he's saved us all and is thinking about calling a general election. It's a trap.
  6. I've noticed that it has improved very slightly. Back in March and April there was pretty much nothing but since May there has been an improvement. A weak improvement but an improvement nonetheless. I'm still applying for a lot of jobs though, no luck so far.
  7. I've just seen the front page of tomorrows Independent. Headline: "The recession is over" Load of cobblers.
  8. So today we have the 10 year auction in the U.S. Should be very interesting to see what happens. I'm looking for a reasonably low bid to cover, if this happens, it will cement my theory that investors are going into short term treasuries instead of long term. I think the 30 year is sometime this week as well. Not sure though.
  9. haha, that's gold. "Labour offers no sort route out of recession". The more things change, the more thing stay the same.
  10. Hi guys So in the U.S, some of the guys on the market ticker site say that this is a very likely scenario and is in the process of happening: 1.) Investors get scared by rising U.S Gov debt 2.) Therefore, yields go up on the 10 yr and 30 yr treasury 3.) More and more people pile into shorter term treasuries 4.) Eventually, no one believes the U.S will pay it's debts and so no one invests 5.) Credit seizes to exist anymore 6.) Real cash is the way to go as people will be willing to accept low prices for assets in order to pay down a mortgage, car loan, etc. Is this what is going to happen here in the U.K? The people on the market ticker site say this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to become filthy rich by buying up assets for pennies on the pound. I won't pretend I know loads about bonds but if someone could help me out here I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  11. I know some of you here read the Ticker site but I thought I'd let you know that Karl Denninger (the guy who owns the site) has a weekly radio show. Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/marketticker
  12. I've already signed it a while ago. It's a nice idea but come on, it's never going to work. After today, I'm now convinced Brown will only go when HE wants to. He doesn't care about us.
  13. Dear Mr Brown, We will never forgive you for what you have done to us Yours, The British Public.
  14. IMO, we need a new political party. If the Tory's were a decent choice (I voted for them in Euro elections), Cameron would absolutely slaughter Brown in every way. Look at the expenses scandal, any decent alternative would have seen this as political gold and a chance to show how their party are different, but oh no, because the Tory's were doing the very same thing. WTF! Why don't they care about our country?
  15. I agree that is it generally a good idea. Absolutely no chance of it happening though sadly, it would be like Gordon Brown, going on Question Time, not going to happen.
  16. The main thing that pisses me off about Gordon is that he KNOWS we all hate him and we KNOW that he KNOWS it himself.
  17. Brown probably told them to say it in order to make it look like he "saved the world". What a load of twaddle.
  18. I'm off to bed. Should be interesting tomorrow.
  19. I imagine the guys in the Gilts thread will have some interesting things to say about this.
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