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  1. But you are forgetting one thing. They only did this because they ASSUMED that house prices would only go up. Think about it, the banks win either way. For example, take one of these HBOS liar loans, HBOS makes the mortgage, then sells it to some other sucker. However, they were also buying these crappy loans from other people as well as keeping some of theirs on their books. Therefore, if house prices go up and for whatever reason someone's house is repossessed, the bank then sells that house AT A PROFIT, even if the house price remains flat, the bank still makes a profit as they have the proceeds of the sale AND AT LEAST A one months mortgage payments. Now, when house prices go down, the shit hits the fan. However, the banks STILL don't lose as we have to bail them out. They never lose. It's a huge scam.
  2. Holy shit!! 80%! I wonder how many billions of £'s that would translate to. This whole thing becomes worse and worse as time goes on. It's like an ocean of fraud and criminal activity that gets bigger and bigger. Once you step back and look at it as a whole you go Hooooooooooooly Sheeeeeeeeeeeeet!! The biggest fraud of all time.
  3. 21 Year old's with £75 000 debt!!! Thats some crazy shit man. The parents should have been teaching them about budgeting.
  4. Look like they are going out with a bang!! Grab the popcorn folks.
  5. If what he's saying is correct. Watch out for the Dow to decline significantly.
  6. +1. Brown will continue to borrow and spend until the markets don't allow him to any more. I predict we go to the IMF sometime in the Autumn.
  7. Here's a link to Karl's radio show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/marketticker He discusses it in Bond, James Bond.
  8. They need MORE MONEY!!!! THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION!!! /Sarcasm We are being robbed before our very eyes. The banks are bankrupt. They have no money. They are ******ed.
  9. I have a brief explanation: Basically Karl THINKS (he's not sure) that the crash last October was caused by Bernanke pulling over $100 billion out of the banking system in order to crash the market. The liquidity drain happened the day before the big first leg down started. That is a scary coincidence don't you think? Now, why would he do this? Because Bernanke's aim is to scare people into treasuries as they sell equities. Notice how the yield on the 10 year US treasury passed 4% last week. That's quite high. Karl is just saying it is something to keep an eye on.
  10. There's only so much money you can print though? Unless you have an infinite number of printing presses. This shit can't go on forever.
  11. So I was on the WSJ website this morning and found this: LONDON -- The U.K. enlisted the help of bankers to sell a government bond, in a sign that policy makers are seeking new ways to ensure the country can finance an expanding debt burden. The U.K.'s Debt Management Office on Tuesday sold a larger-than-expected £7 billion ($11.4 billion) in 25-year government bonds, attracting investors with a yield about 0.11 percentage point higher than that of comparable bonds already in the market. But in an approach rarely used by highly rated governments, the U.K. employed a syndicate of banks -- including Barclays PLC, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., HSBC Holdings PLC and Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC -- to ensure the success of the sale by gauging investor demand in advance. The move comes at a time when the state of public finances in the U.K., which by some estimates will see its national debt reach nearly 100% of annual economic output by 2013, has raised concerns about the government's ability to keep financing deficit spending through the bond markets. Last month, ratings firm Standard & Poor's warned that the country could lose its triple-A credit rating if it doesn't get its finances in order. And in March, the government failed to attract enough investors for an auction of 40-year bonds amid concerns about the cost of its bailout plans. Philip Laing, a portfolio manager focused on U.K. government bonds at Standard Life Investments in Edinburgh, Scotland, said the use of a syndicate suggests the U.K. government is nervous about the possibility of future failed auctions. "They're testing this process to see how it works, so they have the option in the future," he said. Highly rated governments such as the U.K. and the U.S. typically sell their bonds at auctions, which involve attracting bids on the spot. In a syndication, by contrast, bankers take several days to market the debt to investors ahead of the actual sale, which lessens the likelihood of an auction failure. The banks aren't necessarily on the hook to buy any bonds that don't sell, which would take even more pressure off the U.K., but they could be asked to do so. Tuesday's bond offering was the first syndicated U.K. government bond since September 2005, when the government syndicated an inflation-linked issue. The deal is the first of as many as eight syndicated gilt sales planned by the Debt Management Office for 2009-2010, intended to raise about £25 billion. Is the Gov having problems funding the massive debt?
  12. I find it astonishing that Cable is the only one who seems to know what he's on about. It's this guy that would make me consider voting Lib Dem at the general election. Until the economy is sorted out, nothing is going to change. Brown can bleat on and on about Tory cuts, but anyone with half a brain can see THERE IS NO MONEY.
  13. Are there no honest people in this country? Even if I was in a position of power, I wouldn't even think of doing this because I've been brought up to be honest and kind.
  14. Jesus! The house of cards is slowly collapsing, and it unearths a disgusting sight.
  16. "People who matter" WTF!! Hey, here's a novel idea asshole, why don't you ask the people what we want you *****! The sooner Labour go the better.
  17. So, it's been about a month I think since the story broke and it's become obvious the the DT are going for a drip-by-drip method for releasing the info. However, at some point, the info is going to run out. Therefore, should we expect massive fireworks again similar to that of the first week?
  18. Welcome to the twilight zone. Where up is down and debt is wealth.
  19. ****** you Brown! You're not getting a penny from me!! Why should I or anyone else pay for the crimes of bankers and politicians?!
  20. Brown is crazy if he thinks he can pull the wool over our eyes for this. He is in part responsible for this and we won't forget it.
  21. Yeah that's true. Also the most interesting IMO.
  22. Ah ok, Brown must have changed his policy to British jobs to foreign workers. :angry:
  23. That's what will happen. And the excuse? Back to the party line - It started in America. Brown is so predictable it's easy.
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