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  1. I absolutely don't know of any way in which this can go wrong. Nope, still can't think of one.
  2. Holy crap!! Look at the chart that shows job losses compared to previous recessions!!
  3. That is a great article. I urge everyone to read it. Some pretty terrifying charts on there. I don't know if I'm allowed to copy and paste his stuff onto here due to copyright though. Check it out.
  4. I'd love to know that. I think there is an updated chart somewhere of the one which they show in this video. The key line in the video for me is that people were even defaulting on their TEASER rate before the rate even reset. That to me shows how bad this is.
  5. Wow. That is a great read. The fraud part = Bernie Madoff. Hope the OP posts again soon.
  6. Yeah I saw this quite a while ago. I regularly post the reset chart as it illustrates how far we have to go. I imagine our banks bought quite a few of those mortgages as MBS's and therefore will take more losses.
  7. IMO, we've been had. For the past twelve years the majority have been asleep living on debt and false hopes. I actually believe there was an intentional plan by both the politicians and the banks to defraud us. It's only when the curtain is pulled back that we see the true scale of the fraud. It seems too convenient that these events have happened at roughly the same time. They must have been in cahoots with each other
  8. Interesting. It suggests the banks STILL haven't learnt their lesson. Which bank was it by the way? HBOS?
  9. Well there are two parts to the student loan, the first part is the actual loan to pay for the tuition fees and the other part is the money that the students use to pay for food/drink/socialising ect if they live away from home which the vast majority of students do. That is what she was using to buy the car.
  10. My mate told me there was a girl at his uni who bought a car with her student loan, the funny part is that she hadn't even started learning yet.
  11. I thought they weren't going to investigate them? I doubt anything will come of it. The rats look after their own.
  12. Good point. Remember, RBS is BIGGER than our entire GDP. And that is just one bank! I find it very hard to believe that these banks didn't know exactly what they were doing. These are smart guys here people, criminals sure, but smart. Remember the phrase "too big too fail". It could have been that they intentionally made themselves too big too fail. They make money on the way up making the loans and when it all goes to shit, they are so large that the Gov can't possibly let the fail as they would bring the whole country down with them. Maybe they thought the whole thing up from start to finish, including that we would end up bailing them out. It is very possible. Something to think about.
  13. Hahahah!! That is hilarious. What a ******ing idiot!!! He is so ******ed!!!
  14. Remember, the fraud goes from the top down. From the top guys running the bank to the people who were actually taking out the mortgages (well, if they were lying about their circumstances anyway). The number of people involved in this criminal act around the world probably adds up to many hundreds of thousands. And all of it due to wanting to get/LOOK rich.
  15. Didn't Porsche get a bailout from the German Gov a couple of months ago? I'm sure I read that they did.
  16. 1p - Jeremy Hunt's phone bill for a 12-second mobile call
  17. A 1p phone call!!! WTF!! Stingy bastards!!!
  18. Well at least now we know that Brown is talking ******** when he says "it started in America". It wouldn't surprise me if they were all at it to be honest. When the music stopped however, some banks were obviously screwed more than others. You've got to be honest guys, it's a truly ingenious scam they had going there. Very nice little money earner, they forgot one thing though - House prices don't go up forever.
  19. Now, the REAL question is how many of that 80% have already or are at risk of defaulting? This is very important IMO.
  20. I would imagine this mostly happened in the bubble years. Say 2004-2007. More and more people wanting to get in on the action taking out mortgages hoping to sell their houses for a profit.
  21. Anyone heard about Blears yet? There is a vote of no confidence in her tonight or something.
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