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  1. Interest only mortgage?
  2. I bet he gets the security guard to get a lair loan. Eric Pebble where art thou?
  3. Drama, written and directed by Bafta Award-winning film-maker Dominic Savage. When a high-flying city executive begins to sell mortgage bundles, a broker sees this new business opportunity as a way to help an old school friend find a way out of his current miserable existence. However, when the market collapses, signalling the beginning of the recession, the fortunes of all three men take a drastic turn for the worse. Aidan Gillen, Rosamund Pike, Joseph Mawle, Anna Maxwell-Martin and Dominic Cooper star, with Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding making her acting debut SUB AD HD Should be pretty interesting.
  4. A fool and her money are easily parted. We all know how this story ends.
  5. By doing this, hasn't she just become one of those property developers who will feel the pinch?
  6. Oh no none of the audience drinks, okkaaaaay? ********!
  7. Yeah I understand that but isn't the liquidity in this market pretty much now non existent? I don't understand who is going to buy this. Like you say, crap is crap, but there is a difference between admitting somethings crap (ie the downgraded CDO's) and saying somethings not crap but really it is crap.
  8. Question: If these CDO's have already been downgraded, why would anyone in their right mind buy them? It's like knowing they're going to default before it happens.
  9. Does anyone have a chart which shows our housing bubble compared to the U.S bubble? I'm interested in seeing how much bigger ours was. Thanks.
  10. Brown is ******ed, no if, ands or buts about it. He's screwed, however that automatically makes us screwed too. This bubble was so large that he simply won't let it deflate, he can't. After all I've seen over the past year, I've come to two conclusions: A.) He's either incredibly stupid Or B.) He's got his own agenda and his own friends to protect. My guess is B.
  11. If even Brown now admits its going to get worse, you know it's going to be ******ing worse than that.
  12. I read on here about the fact that HBOS had 80% of their mortgage loans through liar loans just a few weeks ago. And I read in the February edition of money week the amount of Alt A exposure they had. Not exactly 12 months ago is it really? Also, until they admit these loses, I doubt it's reflected in their share price.
  13. Ok, over the past month or so I've seen info on this site that suggests that Lloyds are screwed. The evidence: - HBOS having 80% or their entire mortgage loans consisting of liar loans. - Lloyds being the most exposed to the U.S Alt-A market with £7 billion exposure and HBOS with £6.75 billion exposure. So... The perfect storm?
  14. Hey no problem. Implications? Bank runs I should imagine, if I was in Sweden I'd pull all my money ASAP.
  15. To be fair I got the info from Mish's site. I imagine it is correct therefore.
  16. http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/ "There has been a lot of ludicrous recommendations recently to combat deflation by making deposit rates negative. I did not think any central bank would be dumb enough to try it. I thought wrong. Today, Riksbank, Sweeden's central bank cut the deposit rate to -0.25% effectively charging savers interest on deposited money." Wow, crazy.
  17. WOW! What a thick moron.
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