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  1. Apologies if already posted, but this article is in todays Bristol Evening Post.... http://www.epost.co.uk/displayNode.jsp?nod...tentPK=12653958 If Tony sells now he could lose £60k in total as the apartments have dropped £30k each since he bought them. Forgive me for being happy about his potential misfortune, but I just can't help it... The Glassman
  2. I hope so. Agree that prices have been the same since last summer (when we first started looking) but at last estate agents seem to be accepting that prices must come down. I wonder though whether most will persist with high initial prices for houses, before dropping the price after a month or so. The Glassman
  3. yes, in the last few weeks the place where we are looking (Stonehouse, Glos) has seen a number of houses drop by 10-20k without selling. One house has dropped 35k without selling! We've been waiting a long time for the prices to start dropping, but now it seems like things are really happening. Also the local Bryant development haven't sold a single house since being released 4 months ago! Agree that the price of flats at Glos docks is unbelievable! The Glassman
  4. Agree about the new build affecting other prices. In Stonehouse (Glos) Bryant have around 14 properties, launched with a fanfare back in February (VIP event, come early to avoid dissapointment etc), and now it's mid June.... How many have they sold??? BIG FAT 0. They're going to have to drop their prices significantly soon. The Glassman.
  5. Agree, and would explain all those "no chain" houses on the market which the board were discussing last week. I know someone who has just bought a place at the asking price without having sold her house yet The Glassman.
  6. Good good. Nearly bought 8 weeks ago, and only didn't because the seller was so stubborn. So glad I didn't - I wouldn't even match our original offer now. The Glassman
  7. Hi all, I've noticed in our local area (Glos) several houses have this week been withdrawn from the market. Did this kind of thing happen in early stages of the last crash? I guess it is a sign of changing sentiment? Will be interesting to see what the rightmove report says at the start of next week, because in our experience the housing market locally is in a worse state than when their last report came out. A few properties sold in April-May but for the past 4 weeks nothing seems to have moved. Some properties have now dropped up to £10-£20k but still not sold. The Glassman
  8. Thanks for typing that out - much appreciated. Have pasted it into Word and will be printing off to show my fiancee. Cheers, The Glassman
  9. Obviously don't know about trends in hits and membership to this site. Is the site getting more hits and members as time progresses? I guess word of mouth is the best way to increase knowledge of the site. Also having it as a signature/link at the bottom of emails - maybe not work emails though! Talking about biting your tongue, I've nearly chewed it off in recent weeks, managing to supress my inner thoughts when faced with "house prices never go down" and "you're not expecting a crash are you?" comments from estate agents and new-build people....one day I might just flip out and beat t
  10. My fiancee was in the local estate agents this morning (well, the buiding society part) and the manager there was saying something similar, asking how long we'd been looking, making it sound like we were unusual. Also, another local estate agent has just leaflet-dropped the whole town with a glossy brochure detailing their current housing list. Sounds like they're desperate to me. Meanwhile in the past week a third estate agent has knocked £10,000 off two properties and £20,000 off another. I bet a lot of these estate agents only moved into the industry during the boom, where they had
  11. Was in Tewkesbury yesterday, looking in some estate agents' windows - only out of interest (obsession), as we were visiting for the day. Looks similar prices to down where we are looking - the south of gloucestershire. Best of luck!
  12. Hi everyone, I've noticed in the past few weeks that there are now loads of houses in the area where we are looking (Gloucestershire) that say NO ONWARD CHAIN. Some estate agents have about a third of their advertised properties with no onward chain....this is a lot more than since I've been looking at the market. I was wondering why. Some may be buy-to-let people but a lot of the houses seem too large for a typical buy-to-let property. My guess is that during the spring current homeowners have gone for properties they like without selling their own yet. Interested to see if other pe
  13. Not got the paper infront of me at the moment, but could type it in later... Basically just saying GBs plan would not really help FTBs, the difficulties of selling and moving up the ladder when you only own half a house, just a way of trying to maintain high prices, should leave markets alone to rebalance etc etc.
  14. My letter was in the Daily Mail today, so that's another!
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