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  1. Based on this experience ? It appears the son has become a Landlord due to unfortunate circumstances and he has decided to sell the property rather than continue to rent it to you. Not unreasonable is it? Tax bill or no tax bill, im sure the son's only concern is him & his, rather than you & yours.
  2. I posted this a couple of years ago. www.iea.org.uk/sites/default/files/minutes/files/upldminutes259pdf.pdf The shadow MPC minutes from Oct 2004 concerned about high house prices. Z
  3. Same thing happening to properties listed around Norwich. I put in my usual search parameters to see changes over the past 3 days, usually this will list 50-80 properties. Today its showing over 800. Looking through them it seems that most of the changes are due to houses changing to STC but mostly with 1 agent - http://www.gilsonbailey.co.uk. I really hope this is an error as according to RM everything is selling. Z
  4. http://isgordonbrownstillprimeminister.co.uk/ Z
  5. You can see the coverage by CNBC here. http://www.youtube.com/user/crash6may2010#p/u Its in 6 parts. You can see Greece burn as the ticker plummets. Z
  6. Sorry to hijack your thread, as a fellow Bee user, is there a way to automate the side bar listing ? I have 200+ properties viewed and its a pain clicking through them all. Im hoping theres some kind of script/macro that will click through them all and allow me to view the results when its done.
  7. I think I am. So what is this optimum rate which wont prevent HPI but will prevent me over paying ? Forget base rates, im talking the % the lenders charge.
  8. I agree, most people I know settle to make full use of the 25 years, although I dont like the idea of being in the banks pocket. I think ive probably reached my maximum earning potential and would be happier paying as much as possible now. Short term pain - long term gain and all that. I dont intend to sacrifice holidays either. Like I said in my original post, this assumes I don't lose my job & interest rates dont go to the moon.
  9. If in 12-18 months Mortgage rates were 10% (double what im budgeting) then that would indeed screw my regular over payment plan. 10% on a 100k mortgage would be the maximum I would willingly pay on housing, or more likely would probably continue to rent and keep saving. Less than 10% I could still make over payments. What do you think this rate would do to HPI/HPC ?
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