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  1. Had an email of unsold lots from them last night, they've got over 70 left which is more than they used to have before the auction last year
  2. 'I walked round the Titanic as she sank, asking other passengers what they thought of their chances of survival in below freezing seawater. I found them all very pessimistic so decided to take the other side of the trade, selling my seat on a lifeboat and swimming for it with a pocket full of Dollars.'
  3. I've seen that effect on gold plated silver, maybe somebody should cut one open and see what's under the 'gilding'.
  4. But the medals are only foil covered chocolate as gold is now over £20k/oz
  5. Diversity co-ordinators would be protected at all costs, after all somebody has to make sure you're eating a balanced selection of people and not discriminating.
  6. The question is not did they laugh at him but how long did it take them to stop?.
  7. It is not the job of our Government to speculate on the possible future price of useless inedible metal, it should be disposed of and the proceeds invested in improving our country.
  8. Where do you even start with something as dumb as that?. First they ignored it, now they're ridiculing it.......
  9. I'd be a lot more impressed if they found themselves sharing a cell with 'Printy' Merv who missed doing the same to savers.....
  10. PPTs ready to buy the Dow and dump paper Gold.
  11. 5. Global dash for assets Or it may have been number 6. Can't remember for certain.
  12. What they need is a war. Nobody cares about borrowing limits if the cause is just. I wonder what will blow up this time?.
  13. I just preferred the log chart as the long term trend is much clearer (the lin chart tends to flatten it due to the extreme size of the recent house price bubble) and the possible level of overshoot we may be lucky enough to experience.
  14. This thread is infested with damn Goldbugs. What about the alternative metal?
  15. How are you going to cook your rat though if you've exchanged all your savings for lumps of metal?. Gold doesn't burn.
  16. Dies it specify at what level or for whose benefit though?. Or wailing in despair that we were stupid enough to fall for it yet again.
  17. Well it's not helping me as I need to pay for raw materials/components in $s before I can build anything to export...
  18. It wasn't easy having to endure the hourly ramping on the news but we managed to get through it. When they call the next one though I'll have to take extreme measures to survive, such as switching the radio off for the day.
  19. It really does feel like there's a deliberate plan to destroy manufacturing in this country (and others, I know, but I only have personal experience here).
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