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  1. 'Weather' is an asset class?. They trade Futures in 'Jacksonville airport weekly temp' and expect us to take them seriously?. Is there a derivative of '2 flies on a window' in that list somewhere?.
  2. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/emergency-greek-cabinet-meeting-4-pm-local-early-elections-referendum-be-discussed
  3. Tearing up now, over 1.56 and climbing. What a turd race
  4. I can only assume you have a partner who does the weekly shopping?.
  5. Don't worry, the weaker Pound will boost our exports and will have no negative effect on manufacturing such as the $640 we just spent on raw materials this afternoon. I should have bought yesterday but wasn't expecting printy this soon. Oh ****** it much more of this and I'm just going to do an Atlas too. Sorry just a bit pssed off right now.
  6. I honestly didn't expect it this month, I thought they'd let things crash for a while and had it pencilled in for next months MPC. Frankly their decision to go with it this month is very worrying.
  7. Unless something unexpected happens, such as an extra 75 Billion Pounds of printy.
  8. I doubt there are enough savvoters with money in the bank for any party to care about them. Interest rates are being held at a Three Hundred Year low in an attempt to hold things together - but don't worry they can go on forever.
  9. Two weeks, months or years, one thing is certain, it's one day closer. I need to top up the stockpile, running low on a couple of things - mostly due to the large increase in the cost of replacing them.
  10. Apparently it will be linked to German property values and be known as the AAAAAARGH.
  11. Download your own Eurozone rescue package here:
  12. They just didn't know how to play hard ball.
  13. Obviously a crap ninja or you wouldn't have seen him.
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