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  1. From the intentions of some other posters on here, tripwires and IEDs Medicines including a small selection of antibiotics and aspirin/paracetamol/ibuprofen - remeber to have all 3.
  2. I've seen that one a few times as well. They're just saying 'If you don't want the tenant we'll clear it out along with the old sofa and carpets'. :angry:
  3. This is the mildest Christmas I can remember, did they write this crap last week?.
  4. They haven't got all of them yet, this one amused me for some reason http://www.bbcspain.es/
  5. One thing I have trouble understanding is the motivation of a 'passionate' gold bear. Housing bulls, yes they have a VI in talking up their 'investments'. Housing bears, I'm one of the many waiting for a chance to buy a sensibly priced house. Gold bulls - of course they're going to push the one-way certainty of the bet. Gold bears - waiting to buy when it's cheap?. Warning others not to rush in and waste their money - why should they care, it has no effect on their life whatsoever. Doing the right thing, to save potential gold buyers from losing their savings? - but what if they're wrong?.
  6. Consider the money spent as insurance. You don't want to have to make a claim but it's there in case you do.
  7. A gun cabinet is probably the best choice for a cheap safe rather than those mickey mouse 'home safes' usually sold.
  8. If we find a load of oil the US wil probably invade us, if we find a load of gold Gordon Brown will invade us.
  9. Sounds like a frozen asset to me, and probably a risk to health
  10. Put in simple terms, deflation increases the purchasing power of the tokens of exchange we use as money, transferring wealth from the issuers of those tokens to the holders. Inflation transfers wealth from the holders of those tokens to the issuers. Assuming the issuers have the ability to creat inflation, what would you expect them to do?.
  11. Has the host been changed?. I used to receive email notifications from HPC.Fubra but since the 'upgrade' they're coming from C2.CatN.
  12. A beautiful description of the problems - and dangers - that we face. However you are assuming a position of reason, thinking we have fallen by accident into an unfortunately concealed hole. It's a pit. And those responsible for digging and covering it are already looking down at their catch.
  13. But the US played that card only just a decade ago - it won't wash again so soon - will it?.
  14. Talking of lowering the price: £150k to £120k in 5 weeks
  15. This one. Been there had that, this is the least worst choice if you have to.
  16. In other words they get paid silly money for just making up [email protected] And we laugh at those who believe fortune tellers and horoscopes.
  17. Don't tell Realistbear, it's obviously Deflation
  18. Is it time to start a business manufacturing pitchforks yet?.
  19. Either it's a business, in which case your loan will be approved on actual or projected income based on your previous years accounts or business plan, or it's a domestic loan (wake up HMRC) and will be based on your personal income. Having it both ways has made BTL probably our largest black economy product, funded by us mugs at both ends.
  20. It would have been a brilliant idea if, at the end they'd said 'OK, now we've shifted all that old stock we can use the money to build low maintenance, energy efficient replacements on land we already own'. Seems like somebody forgot about that part though.
  21. £4 is a atrange quantity to buy, why not £5. Sounds like you've seen lots of small purchases such as petrol cans being filled - I wonder what for?
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