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  1. So how's those fan charts looking?. It would be interesting to see some from 2009/10/11 updated, I doubt we're even in the outlier bands.
  2. The Ponzi needs ever more debt to survive. The well-off don't want/need to borrow. The average people are already up to their necks. All that's left is to lend to those who couldn't borrow previously.
  3. I eagerly await the 1.5% fixed rate mortgage, arrangement fee only £24,995.
  4. What do you mean sat on their a$$? - twigs don't put themselves in vases you know.
  5. Let us keep the money so we can choose exactly where and how it's spent, cutting out the leeches in the middle?.
  6. In a way, property seems to have replaced gold in the minds of most people. Since 1971 money has been piled into it as an apparent store of value and it's certainly the only thing backing Sterling. We also seem to have many victims of Property Fever.
  7. I remember when the only time most people borrowed was to buy a house or sometimes a car or occasionally for a large purchase or to start/expand a business. It really wasn't that long ago. Borrowing just to pay the bills is eating your seed grain.
  8. This is part of the terms from an auction I was watching earlier this year - it's from a Scottish solicitor but the rest of the UK may have something similar, it should be in the legal pack:
  9. Here we are, watching state failure while munching on popcorn and no sign of Injin anywhere.
  10. Looking back at the history, I don't think it is. The 'currently let' doesn't appear in any description after this date.
  11. Personally I think they'd be mad to buy until another 20-30% off. You could say they're paying a premium at the moment to avoid being saddled with a future liability. Having done a quick Google though they'd probably be mad to buy there at any price
  12. It's been on the market for a year and started at £45,000 Those savvy property investors just can't wait to snap it up....
  13. They just couldn't generate a return, too many impedances to growth and they forgot to calculate the losses on this line.
  14. So I wonder, where does this $2T (it doesn't look like a lot when it's written like that) come from. What was that much derided phrase Injin used to use?.
  15. Every hydrocarbon used to construct the keyboard you typed that on, resin to laminate the circuit board, insulation for the wiring. 50-60 years ago the wiring was insulated with rubber made from tree sap, a few decades earlier it was wrapped in cotton and covered with enamel made from crushed beetle shells. There is very little now that doesn't need oil in some form - yes there are alternatives but not enough for current demand.
  16. Back in the mid-80s when I applied for my first mortgage 2.5x was usual with a few building societies offering 3x. 3.5x was only available in exceptional circumstances.
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