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  1. I seem to remember those places in Sunderland (failing to) sell at around £10k in the mid-90s. Terrible parking back then, and probably no better now. It was easier to take the Mini apart to get it out than to wait for the doors to be unblocked
  2. *Plans to retire on the profits from selling cyanide tablets*
  3. I would be interested in knowing how it's working out as well, not looking forward to yet another year sitting here watching prices being propped up.
  4. Please tell me that's a photoshop?. I notice the ladder doesn't have a bottom rung.
  5. I thought the exit plan was to jump out just in time then loot the wreckage?
  6. Aldi had packs of 4x 60W and 100W rough service lamps for about £1.60 a few weeks back, cleared the shelf I did
  7. I would like to see them explain where the value has been added to a potato... At least it would end the lie of it being only a 'luxury' tax, then they can introduce a new extra tax on luxury items. Maybe 'AVT'.
  8. Fixed. Retrospective judgements are inherently very unfair and dangerous things. :angry:
  9. Probably just halved to draw in the crowds. Still it's a good sign they need to try.....
  10. Please, how exactly does a 45+yo dinnerlady manage to successfully apply for multiple mortgages?. I suspect the answer may be in red.
  11. A little unfair on most religious orders, I think he means cults. Or something similar.
  12. Seriously though, a quarter of a million pounds so your children can sleep on top of a cupboard. In Yorkshire?.
  13. That is the garage, which is no longer useable as such due to the conservatory blocking the entrance. A quarter of a MILLION.
  14. The article writer is CGNAO and I claim my 5 billion pound note
  15. They won't be able to use that trick next year, unless they change to the month forward to calculate the increase. They may get a few years out of that though explaining their reasoning may be fun when they reach April. Edit for typo.
  16. It's become like that game of Monopoly where the banker has all the money but keeps lending it out to the losing players to make sure they stay in the game.
  17. That truck will be in front of/behind you though when it loses control. An intermediate step might be to build a freight network for the exclusive use of robot vehicles, that would allow the technology to be developed and debugged without risk to life. Of course it won't happen here in NIMBY-takes-20-years-for-a-bypass-land.
  18. Looking at these graphs, don't you get the feeling something really important happened around 1970 which has led to the mess we're now in?.
  19. I'm not angry at missing the boat, I'm angry because my children are going to drown. **** off.
  20. Welcome and I believe you've just taken the lurker crown.
  21. Is it just me or is there a bit of subsidence in pic 13?. Would be interesting to see these in 10 years time. From a distance anyway.
  22. The trouble starts when they need to count to twenty one.
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