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  1. Have you stolen Spy's ketbaroead?
  2. I've noticed a *lot* of these appearing in auctions recently, usually advertised as an 'Investment opportunity' with 'Cash cow in situ' ready to be milked. Also usually the kind of places you wouldn't want to house your worst enemy.
  3. I preferred this version of the story: http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/people-who-dont-care-about-houses-a-threat-to-society-2015040797085
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-2916545/Picked-president-Hitchhiker-given-lift-world-s-humble-leader-thumbing-lift-road-Uruguay.html
  5. Un-coded banker language: 'F**k you, pay me' If they have sold out on their promises the next election will use direct democracy with rope and lamp posts.
  6. Immediate increase of £75k+ (depending on ratio of couples buying) on every house price.
  7. I'm trying to remember the title of a SF novel I read back in the early 80s, probably written quite a few years earlier. The premise was a machine had been invented that could copy anything - money, food, even people. Nothing had value anymore as anything could be copied instantly at will - except land. Those who could take and hold land had everything. Wish I'd been awake then.
  8. I wonder what would happen if councils refused to pay housing benefit to landlords not registered as a business?. Considering the amounts involved for even a single property landlord I don't see how they could argue it isn't a business transaction.
  9. Price of something to eat soaring - disaster. Price of keeping warm soaring - despair. Price of somewhere to sleep soaring - JOY.
  10. Trying out the special lens estate agents seem to have that enlarges tiny rooms.
  11. Strange that we were told we need planning laws to stop the countryside being concreted over when modern estates are a sea of grey and red with artificial patches of turf if you're lucky.
  12. I remember the days when you'd be prosecuted and the house repossessed if the building society found you'd borrowed the deposit.
  13. Are there any public sector jobs that *aren't* defined as 'service sector'?.
  14. I think they're kind of missing the point of it though, a bit like a telegraph operator saying they might be able to send emails for you....
  15. Quickly scanning the list I read 'Weekly blow dry' as something else, maybe that would be impressive . At least there will be something intelligent in the £600k house.
  16. WTF just happened? This isn't good for my business as most of the materials we buy are priced in USD. Ah.. good US data so a $ spike. Not just us this time then.
  17. Just had another pounding, back below 1.50 and looks like it means to stay a while this time.
  18. 'Sorry Mr. King, your first choice of Japan has been taken. We still have available Greece or Zimbabwe, which would you prefer?.'
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