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  1. Is it possible to work your way much further down than Mandelson?
  2. Loved this quote just up on the news ticker "No UK events during the public holiday, but perhaps Gbp is underperforming due to ongoing UK housing sector concerns and the perceived 'dead duck' domestic govt. Expect bids into 1.4800/20 and 1.4740/50 regions"
  3. Apologies if this has already been posted, found it in a comment on Guido's blog: http://www.china.org.cn/international/2009...nt_17707883.htm Well they seem happy to keep deleting votes - how do they know I'm not called Dolly Draper?.
  4. Have to say I have no idea either but - I know somebody who might. Try asking: Mr Robert Mugabe, c/o Office of the President, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe.
  5. "Due to the increased threat of Snout flu we have decided to close all polling stations indefinitely. Furthermore, for your own safety gatherings of more than one person have been declared illegal. I am sure you will agree this is the right and proper thing to do to ensure the safety of Britain's hard working families..."
  6. Just for a bit of balance here maybe we should repost this: Support Shi^^^Brown Nice to see how much support he has, though for some reason my signature seems to have disappeared.
  7. I predict extremely high tension in the midst of this E-W correction.
  8. Plus interest, of course. There's no time limit unlike most other debts.
  9. The same reason any newspaper has - to make money. Probably both in sales and in VIs.
  10. That is of course why they're selling off the Royal mint...
  11. £ going up until he announced the borrowing requirements and expected debt %, it dropped .60cents in about 20 seconds.....
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