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  1. I hadn't expected them to be quite so sneaky!. I'll do so in future. The rsults are up, from the origianl 88 listed a few seem to have simply vanished. The postponed/withdrawn lots aren't included in the total sales %age - they sold 15 prior and 15 on the night according to this or just over a third of the original catalogue. Even their official figure of 53% looks bad good though. https://www.auctionhouse.co.uk/scotland/auction/past-auctions
  2. Not BM but another auction house I watch just had a sale this afternoon: https://www.auctionhouse.co.uk/scotland Almost one quarter - I counted 21 - are marked as 'postponed'. Some of those are repeat offenders and have been up for sale a number of times. Are these sellers withdrawing because they expect bids to be well below their asking price?. Also only 14 sold on the day with many left still showing a guide price. Edit - Too late - the page has been updated and they've been removed.
  3. Buy a surplus 12V server power supply, plenty of cheap ones available that supply 60-100A and quite a few threads around on how to adapt them to start up (which pins to link). Much better build quality than PC power supplies.
  4. Appear to help FTBs and keep homeys happy with more HPI at the same time. Win-win. But not for us.
  5. At least you don't need a bitcoin to live in so if it is a bubble the damage should be limited to those of us riding it.
  6. Fork off. BTC just spiked to 7900USD. It certainly is a once in a lifetime event, but what history will say we will just have to wait and see.
  7. But she's quite happy for taxpaying renter scum to pay her mortgage?.
  8. It won't change until most of the boomers are gone, at that point the younger generations will see they've been stitched up but will only know 'Old people did it'. The boomers will be dead and they'll be looking for someone to take it out on. If you're Gen.X you've been screwed at both ends.
  9. Another laugh from their email: That'll be those overpriced bits of field then.
  10. Are you sure he isn't the seller?. Ah it's a repo. Bank rep trying to ramp the price up a little?.
  11. Bumped because it's a laugh. Go on, give it a try. We need cheering up.
  12. They'd have had more luck using it flipping a couple of terraced houses in 'pool.
  13. Just bought a box of 1000 resealable plastic bags from our usual supplier. Same manufacturer, same price as in July, box noticeably lighter and bag material thinner.
  14. It seems like every member votes for a rise in their last 1-2 months, just to make it look like there's a chance it could happen. They're then replaced with the usual 'no rate change'.
  15. This forum could really use an upvote system.
  16. A million quid for that? I thought Mercury wasn't used in millinery these days.
  17. Makes perfect sense to me... Use the money they give you to pay off any outstanding mortgage and it's 100% theirs when you croak.
  18. I believe if the buyer fails to complete they can be pursued for costs which may include the loss if the seller has to accept a lower price when it's resold.
  19. EIG have prices from 1982 but you need to pay to see them - there's a very small free sample available for London. The prices will make you cry. https://www.eigpropertyauctions.co.uk/search/eighties-property-data
  20. Can we vote for a hanged parliament?.
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