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  1. They don't want to sell it for 'less than it's worth' to some 'greedy buyer taking advantage' so try this to hang onto it 'until the market recovers'.
  2. In Scotland the small business rates relief is 100% up to £10,000 so at £8500 it's free. You're the closest up to now. Edited to add - that streetview will be about 2 years old - and they're all still empty now.
  3. With any luck they'll have to start getting used to it
  4. Following on from the collapse in commercial property lending thread I thought it might be worth sharing this one I've been watching for a while and see what the perceptions of commercial property values are in different parts of the UK. It's in Scotland, needs quite a bit of work and is up for sale after being closed by the local co-op due to lack of business. http://www.sva-auctions.co.uk/html/Lots/February2011/lot25_details.html 5,000 square feet of sandstone and brick built retail space, small garden athe back, part of it was previously a house and there probably wouldn't be much difficulty in converting part of it to residential. It failed to reach reserve last week. Without cheating and doing a search, make a guess how much it is currently (or was as of Friday anyway) available for.
  5. It's back up with a guide price of £20,000 after failing to sell at £30,000. Just how bad is it?.
  6. It is, though probably essential so you can take a bath with the electric fire once you realise you've just spent the best part of half a million pounds on this dump.
  7. I am surprised an obvious twig and vase euphemism hasn't been used yet.
  8. Just slightly off topic, does anyone here subscribe to the eigroup site and if so do they consider it to be worth it?.
  9. Problem is that special couple use some of their profits to hire a couple of guys with baseball bats who make sure you only use their tokens.
  10. If I was The Econony I'd be angered by this offering
  11. First Gold is too 'expensive' for our pound coins. Then Silver is too 'expensive' for our silver coins. Then Copper is too 'expensive' for our pennies. Now even fake silver is too 'expensive'. Wonder how long before brass is too expensive to make a pound coin?. Shall we use plastic next?.
  12. How can you tell when an estate agent is lying?. Easy. They're still breathing.
  13. Penfold won't be happy as I suspect he would like to see it trading around 1.50 - so expect to see him pop up to talk it down soon.
  14. I wonder if part ownership of tulip bulbs was available?.
  15. Interesting question - would you have to pay 12.5% of the bill?.
  16. I'm not sure how they get away with describing such places as 'for sale' as clearly all you're buying is the 'right' to keep paying rent. Stop paying it and see just how much you've 'bought'. It's just like renting with a really large deposit.
  17. Yes, all the prices on that graph except for the final quarter are inflation-adjusted so are not the actual price of a house at that time, only the Nationwides calculation of what they would be now. To put it another way assume their inflation measure is based on the cost of beer and in 2010 a pint was £3. In 1978 a house cost 20,000 pints (Was it? - can anyone remember, especially after 20,000 pints ) but in 2007 it was almost 67,000. I'm sure they used to show the actual price on their graph as well but it's still available in thir excel data to download. On this graph the red line is actual price and blue their adjusted price.
  18. It's adjusted for 'official price inflation' in that they estimate it would have taken the equivalent of 60,000 2010 pounds to buy the average house in 1978 and a bit over 200,000 2010 pounds to buy at peak idiocy in 2007.
  19. Are you sure about that?. It still seems to me that they will do all they can to produce that 'soft landing' by moving the ground up to meet the overinflated house. A £200,000 house won't look as expensive when you're paying £1000 for the weekly shop. Of course that need wages to rise as well..... IF they can do it to plan is a very different matter.
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