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  1. And will Sir be declaring this to Mr. Taxman?.
  2. We should have known better. They would never have given us a vote on it if there had been any chance of a 'yes' result. A bit like our EU referendum - they already know what the answer will be so the question will never be asked.
  3. Is it graded? - you'll need 5 hectares if you're thinking of doing what I think you're thinking of .
  4. Kirstys' diet sheet for today: Hats: 0 Hamsters: 37
  5. Keep a couple of pet funnelweb spiders in there .
  6. cgnao posted a short update just last week 'elsewhere'.
  7. Early 70s - say 1971/72, when G**d was around $50 an ounce? - that would make it a 29x increase. Foot shot again?.
  8. I did have an appropriate pun involving shag pile but thought the moderators may not like it
  9. Microwave is probably going to be the best option, I built a laser link back in 1997, though it only ran at kilobaud rates and connected across a road it was susceptible to poor weather conditions. I started on a 2 mile microwave link back in 2003 to a friends house (no broadband here back then) but didn't complete it, even though line of sight was clear there were too many trees close enough for them to attenuate the signal. It would be a great help in such a project if planning restrictions were relaxed on houses built with low/zero environmental impact.
  10. If you don't need it for gaming then a satellite broadband connection would probably do, about £25 a month last time I checked and no wires/phone line needed.
  11. I remember a few years ago the Bulls taunting us saying 'They'll never let it happen' and we said 'what are they going to do to stop it?', maybe even said 'what will they do, print billions of pounds?'. Sometimes being the only sane person in the asylum is crazy. Edit: Grammerrr
  12. There's no point moving somewhere you won't be wanted, especially a place that isolated, even if it is cheap. I prefer a quiet life and wouldn't have risked that at 17p . Wonder if they went for the cement down the drains too?.
  13. Anyone want to guess which country cut corners recklessly here?: Edit: That may be an unfair way to phrase it as this was a private company.
  14. I'm guessing it was the old gatehouse with room for one bloke to sit and open the gates twice an hour. Compact and bijou
  15. This was posted on another forum where this is being discussed: http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/basic-ref/teachers/03.pdf It might provide a bit more information, apparently this is the mark 1 configuration.
  16. And an extra round of applause for Mervyn on keyboard. (PC that is, entering in extra 000s)
  17. That's got to be a converted office/factory building. There are hardly any windows at the front - and what's with all the garages?.
  18. I'm sure RR customers expect better than that. http://www.highendcable.co.uk/Teo%20Audio%27s%20MHD%201%20liquid%20Speaker%20cables.htm You may need to read the prices a couple of times before they sink in .
  19. I remember a time when taking out insurance against an event you knew was certain was considered criminal behaviour. Or was I just dreaming. The lunatics have been in charge so long it's easy to forget what was once considered common sense.
  20. Obviously more responsible lenders than our banks then.
  21. Unsold at £20k, the building halfway down the road next to the garage sold for £7500 in November and the one opposite the garage at the other end went for £20,000 last week. I'm curious now - what do you know of the place?. Going by those nobody wants to live there at any price.
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