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  1. 12 minutes ago, Diver Dan said:


    I feel sorry for them, it's pretty awful to slowly realise that you've made a horrible mistake. But they really should have done their homework. If their two-bed had risen in price, did they really expect a three-bed to have remained the same?

    No. but they'll have though it's better to have some skin in the game rather than rent and watch the house they wanted get further out of reach anyway. This whole mess is causing thousands to make unwise decisions.

  2. On 16/08/2018 at 22:26, Wayward said:

    Why do the NIMBYs always press gang their kids into these protests...they are unlikely to have a firm grasp of the issues...I think it is sickening when you see them dragged along to object to house building...

    Come along timmy, we need to go and stop these houses being built so the village will be quiet and unspoilt when you leave home and have to drive 50 miles to visit us.

  3. 17 hours ago, Errol said:

    Turkey is and always has been a place of vital strategic importance.

    Trump is playing a dangerous game. If he pushes too hard Turkey will move from the NATO/West side to the Russian/East side. 

    By continually using the dollar as a weapon, the US is driving people to abandon its use asap. Frankly their behaviour is just bizarre (desperate). If you wanted to give the impression of an unstable nation, wildly throwing its weight around (e.g. sanctions) then the US could not be doing a better job.

    The rest of the world (i.e. not the US and its vassals) is watching and taking notes.


    15 hours ago, zugzwang said:

    Trump doesn't understand the Triffin paradox. The USD as reserve currency has to serve two masters, domestic and international. This can only be accomplished by running twin current account and trade deficits, without which the rest of the world is starved of foreign exchange reserves. Keynes anticipated the dilemma and proposed the introduction of a supranational Bancor currency at Bretton Woods instead of the dollar, which the Americans famously rejected. It seems obvious to me that the US economy is now too small relative to the rest of the world to fulfil this lender of last resort role uniquely.


    Look at these two again, but assume he *does* understand it, or has been told what to do by those who do, even if it will result in short-medium term pain. I'm guessing the next crisis will be used to introduce a replacement - SDRs or similar - that the US won't be in a position to unilaterally reject.

  4. On 14/06/2018 at 23:01, markyh said:

    Google Tesla Powerwall 2

    Quite a few people are building their own with cells harvested from scrap laptop battery packs. I did look into it but just don't have the time - you would be looking at thousands of cells.

  5. Who was it had as a sig 'If they raise rates, we're toast and if they don't it's because we're toast'?

    I remember many years back this moment was debated when the FED started raising and the BoE would have to follow - would they risk collapsing the housing market/economy or allow a run on the pound?.

    I expect we'll find out soon.

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