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  1. No. but they'll have though it's better to have some skin in the game rather than rent and watch the house they wanted get further out of reach anyway. This whole mess is causing thousands to make unwise decisions.
  2. Come along timmy, we need to go and stop these houses being built so the village will be quiet and unspoilt when you leave home and have to drive 50 miles to visit us.
  3. 1.BTL 2.Boomers 3.Fungus Well they trigger everyone on HPC at least...
  4. Look at these two again, but assume he *does* understand it, or has been told what to do by those who do, even if it will result in short-medium term pain. I'm guessing the next crisis will be used to introduce a replacement - SDRs or similar - that the US won't be in a position to unilaterally reject.
  5. Going to be fun for anyone who's built their spending around servicing a 500k IO morgage at 0.5%. As mentioned, it's a 50% increase. I really didn't think they would have the guts to do it, the £ must really have been under threat.
  6. Wow. After so many years of false hopes. They must have had to show Carnage where to find the 'raise' button, he's never had to use it before.
  7. So will they need to start making their own hair gel or have they already been doing so?.
  8. That's either on the wrong side of the greenbelt boundary or a flood plain - probably both from a quick satellite view.
  9. Quite a few people are building their own with cells harvested from scrap laptop battery packs. I did look into it but just don't have the time - you would be looking at thousands of cells.
  10. Because we're not the global reserve currency?. If I buy from China I have to pay in USD, if I buy from Russia it's in USD (always amuses me that one). Other than that buggered if I know, but if not why are we still at 0.5%?.
  11. About the same as now, a split between those who thought common sense would prevail and they'd raise with the US and those who realised it was now impossible to raise without a total collapse.
  12. Who was it had as a sig 'If they raise rates, we're toast and if they don't it's because we're toast'? I remember many years back this moment was debated when the FED started raising and the BoE would have to follow - would they risk collapsing the housing market/economy or allow a run on the pound?. I expect we'll find out soon.
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