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  1. To Lorna - a cynical old friend of mine, never married but a bit burned after a few bad relationships, found much happiness (he really was a grumpy git) by paying for sex...though what he really paid for, he said, was for the women to go away afterwards. What men want, as I've discovered through a number of experiences, is often what women want too but the women are still too 'ashamed' or under societal pressure to admit it ; sometimes people want uncomplicated sex, and sometimes they want warm commitment-based sex, and sometimes they want both at the same time. Both male and female escorts are still in demand, which after at least thirty years' worth of sexual emancipation I find interesting, as I would have thought that all the enthusiastic amateurs out there happy to do it for free would have killed the market.
  2. I heard on the radio recently that homelessness figures are falling as more btl landlords are prepared to accept dss tenants, who are producing good rent levels...any struggling btl landlord could do worse than set themselves up as a social housing provider
  3. Just on a bit of a tangent from this though..what would you peeps do in this situation? Pay off mortgage for sure, but then what? What would you do with a spare £180,000?
  4. On another note about seeing what others have to spend on deposits/housing etc, many people have inherited large amounts as aged parents downsize their homes, or sadly, die and leave a fully paid off house as well as savings to their offspring. Not everyone who has a large amount of money to put down has necessarily saved it all, though often would like you to think they have. I can't offer specific advice about your financial priorities or values, but friends who have had to go into rented accommodation after repossession have found that not having to take responsibility for repairs, upkeep, service charges far outweighs any residual shame/loss of face/status that not 'owning' their own house gave them. He may be a bit discredited now, but I still think Robert Kiyosaki has lots of good things to say about assests and liabilities that we in the UK have yet to absorb about housing. You may yet find a way to make a shed load of money and get a house as a by-product, you probably have enough knowledge and experience in something that could be traded into a£100k return; I believe almost everyone has something that can be written, sold or developed into a product/service that could make that kind of return in a reasonable length of time. Good luck, you obviously have the ability to get what you want, and the patience to plan and adapt as you go.
  5. Yes noticeably so at usually peak times, even the school run seems to have fewer mummies in big cars...shame, liked them. Also , whilst driving into City of London ,the number of taxis standing idle, never noticed that before, at least not so many so obviously not even running around looking for fares
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