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  1. Your response is pure waffle with no evidence. You also didnt answer TTRIntRates's question.
  2. As always the BBC peddle bearish news: BBC Rightmove News Dont worry the tide is turning, we can all feel it. And once its turned the rollercoaster will gather speed.
  3. Well said sllabres As we all know Perplexed is a fully paid up member of the Flat Earth Society. Anyway, what about charging people to see their GP? £5 a pop would raise alot of money for the coffers and cut out time-wasters. Actually, they're thinking about it!
  4. Thanks VP, I actually agree with your historical view on the situation. With the STR ethos gaining momentum and FTBs not being able to get onto the ladder more rentals are needed. However, the recent flood of BTL has created oversupply. Therefore, its hard to imagine rentals going up significantly - people just will not pay a rental value for a property that would be more than the monthly potential mortgage payment of said property. I would expect rentals to probably stay static. So in the meantime, clearly yields will go down as HPs go up and rentals stay even. With yields going down, the
  5. and your point about the housing market is...???
  6. The most compelling evidence that home prices are over-valued in many countries is the diverging relationship between house prices and rents. The ratio of prices to rents is a sort of price/earnings ratio for the housing market. Just as the price of a share should equal the discounted present value of future dividends, so the price of a house should reflect the future benefits of ownership, either as rental income for an investor or the rent saved by an owner-occupier. Calculations by The Economist show that house prices have hit record levels in relation to rents in America, Britain, Austral
  7. Perplexed - there are 3 types of people in life. 1. Those who make things happen. 2. Those who watch things happen. 3. Those who wonder what the f*** happened. As the phone advert says - 'Welcome to the world of 3". Have you ever thought of joining the FLAT EARTH SOCIETY. Probably right up your street.
  8. £51k debt used to be the price of a small house. Now its the price of a parking space in London.
  9. Smoking also accounts for 10% of the NHS budget. Thats 10% less you'll have to pay from your NHS-part of your income tax if we could eradicate this filthy scurge.
  10. LOL Trev. I do agree with your overall sentiment but I'm not convinced a state of equilibrium actually exists - not in human terms anyway.
  11. Thats a fair point Yonmon. However, theres no guarantee that any recession wont lead into a depression.
  12. Are you a tree-hugger or something Trev? Sometimes, the forests dont grow back. Sometimes after deforestation all you're left with is a barren wasteland incapable of supporting new life for years and years. And even if they do grow back dont assume that new shoots always grow back in the same forest. Yes, they may well grow back but probably in Indian or Chinese forests where most of our traditional industries head each time recession kicks in. If you havent noticed - english trees have been moving from Forest-UK to woodlands where the cost of timber is cheaper for some time.
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