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  1. where did you get the stats from? do you have anything on stanford infant and junior?
  2. I disagree I'm afraid, frontline staff (which are social workers etc) will be fine.....I think management structures will be taken apart as they have in west sussex over the last few years and non essential services will be hit particularly under the tories. I didnt move to Brighton for posh food...I moved to Brighton for it liberal attitude, grass routes musician,artists and its amazing tolerance of' 'difference'. How long is it going to be before you can sit in Preston Park pay 40 quid and watch some shitty orchestra to fireworks....I was on the bus the other day and some 12 year old scree
  3. Thats great...its the only way I can keep my chin up with the whole not happening house price drop in Brighton!!!! Put the kids first, rent in good school catchment then buy somewhere cheaper once they are in!!!! or not buy at all
  4. Hi Lorna 1999...do you know anything about Stanford Infant and Junior? Whats the catchment/distance. I am hoping to carry on renting in this area to get my son into the school. Is it the rule with all the schools that if you have one child in the school then siblings automatically get a place where ever you are living? I know St Pauls do this.....
  5. Im with you on that one.....as welI as having money in the bank and being completely debt free, I also get the chance to get my kids in to a great school by renting in this area!!!
  6. oh well....guess you cant have it all!!! I have a very nice deposit (not doing very much I know) in the bank.....no debts;no credit card bills, no over draft....nothing!!!! A very secure job..cant complain really
  7. Im just getting fed up of the whole thing really...possibly even bored of it. One minute I feel angry about the whole thing and then the next I dont care. I sold my flat at the beginning of the year, and yeah had I held out would prob have got another 20k now...but 2 kids in a one bed flat was not fun and I did not want the hastle of renting it out!!!!! I still made a very nice profit as I had my flat a long time. We have managed to save a bit this year so have recovered some of the loss so to speak. I am after a 3 bed family home and ideally dont want to spend any more than 250....moon o
  8. What will keep these levels afloat? what will prevent this crash from happening? printing monies surely has consequences......
  9. and sadly they are selling!! i have been looking at the land reg and have seen identical properties that sold for 250k in december of last year now sell for as much as 335k........utter madness.....must be 'brighton beach patrol' programme which did a great job of making Brighton look like a chav retreat!!!!
  10. completed mid march after being on the market for some time...had to move due to lack of space...and bingo 2 months later look whats happened prices have gone up. I am convinced that prices have further to go but cant help but feel a bit pissed off when I look at Brighton prices on RM...
  11. DOH, silly me I forgot...recovery is on...HPC is over....ar se!
  12. so when are we going to see falls in Brighton??? Gutted to have sold my flat for 30% below peak to now see that I could have prob held out and got an extra 20K....hey ho, still made a good profit, but within a week saw house prices increase by about 40k....if they dont come down again then I reckon I may have sold myself a tad short and wil have some serious saving to do over the next few months!!
  13. Austin Grey in seven dials has been done as well apparently!!!!! someones not happy!!
  14. I looked at a house in Byron street just round the corner, it was exactly the same and even had a small conservatory, it sold for 285,000 in March......I really dont understand why people are paying 2007 for houses!!!!????????
  15. Dont beleive anything the estate agents tell you...I dont think things are taking off at all, in fact I think it has slowed right down. Houses I have seen go are now coming back on 45k more expensive!!!!???? Prices have gone ridiculous in the areas I am watching, but guess what...they aren't selling. Brighton is gonna fall on its ****.
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