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  1. Are you still going to leave HPC if interest rates are below 9% at the end of the year?
  2. Proof again that the government don't care about anyone who rents, or doesn't have kids. They only want to help homeowners and 'hard working families'
  3. Fair play to you for making the predictions. Where's the loon who 'threatened' he would leave HPC if interest rates didn't 'soar' ?
  4. An observation:- Isn't the current round of bailouts in the UK a bit like Dragon's Den, only the heads of the UK banks go in to see the dragons (Darling, Brown etc.) and offer their business models, in exchange for a percentage of the business. Only in this case, the business models have already been proven to be complete pants. Only Darling and Brown don't say 'I'm Out' Apologies if this has been noted a number of times before, I don't get on here as often as I'd like
  5. Fair play to the original poster. This is a great site, which has saved me more money than Martin Lewis could possibly have done. And to the 800 users browsing this site at midnight, I salute you on your good taste!
  6. Maybe they're finally getting the message? http://britishexpats.com/forum/showthread....44&page=152 I am going to phone them first thing in morning to accept the offer. EA reckons it all still stands. Did a night shift last night and hardly slept, spent hrs on interent reading houseprice crash web site. Head buzzing with facts and figures! Got to work again tonight, won't relax until had my other viewing and I accpet offer am. Then its the worry of it all going through quickly before the investor changes his mind! Hoping he won't as he is offering 15k less than the 20k I'd already droppe
  7. Shares . . . . Can only get better. The labour theme tune
  8. Spoke to my mother this morning. She said 'it's a great time to buy if you can afford it. They're cheap now but they'll only go up again' There's a way to go to change some people's perception.
  9. Not quite accurate. Should be 'First Time Buyers welcome only if they have just caught a leprechaun riding a unicorn'
  10. IT Manager, 34. Wife is an IT project manager, 32. We're currently renting at £750 pcm. Looking to buy, or move to Australia (got a PR visa) in the next few years.
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