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  1. unfortunately not many people need JCL writing so I can't really barter :angry:
  2. Getting married in November so looking forward to having kids next year Also want to buy a fancy watch, been saving up for a while. Paying off the mortgage! 2.5 years left
  3. completely off topic but i absolutely adore those dogs
  4. I live in the NW (hyndburn) with my fiancee. We have a combined salary of 70k and still can't find anything suitable. She is getting very frustrated and just wants us to buy something regardless. However, i refuse to spend 220k on a 3 bed semi when 6 years ago they were 60/70k :angry: p.s. we currently have a 2 bed semi but we hope to have children soon and could do with more space.
  5. There are two incomes as of last year but I pay the bills and the mortgage. The girlfriends wage is for saving for a deposit when we want to move up the property ladder. I'm very tempted to pay it all off but already make regular overpayments and never no when i might need access to cash.
  6. I owe 19k of my mortgage debt on a house bought for 52k in 2002. I have about 19k in savings. Never use credit cards. I am getting married this year so will probably be broke very soon
  7. I should point I can't complain because quite a few have been made redundant. I suppose i should be grateful I still have a job.
  8. we have been told already that there will be no standard of living increase this year
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