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  1. I'd take that personally if it weren't for the fact that I don't know who you are or value your opinion in any way, in fact, it could be said....I really dont give a f***k what you think.

    the nature of any repetition is only because we need to keep saying the same thing to the same idiot estate agents.

    If you are an honest man, I welcome you...if you are not, join mumsnet.

    BTW...just looked on first direct, cheaper mortgage for a 225K house with an 80-K deposit is £about 650 quid a month + arrangement feee, so really about 670 ish....then after two years SVR + 3.69...so about £750 + rates aint going lower. I think renting is the sane man's choice under these circumstance.

    It's 1.99% above base lifetime tracker so buying is the sane man's choice in these circumstances but nice try my angry little pal:)

  2. Ahhh, you seemed to have missed the important question and instead pushed your agenda.....

    That question being....why are you on HPC ?

    To tell us all of your good fortune...house prices only ever go up....look i've made money...look, i'm buying now and got a great mortgage deal...look i'm an estate agent a**-hole and just want to prove it.

    Pull the other one mate a** hole

    I'm on HPC because there are some very intelligent posters whose opinions on various economic matters i like to read about. I find them very interesting.

    I posted on this thread to highlight the new rules on mortgage lending must be being taken very seriously by HSBC/First Direct and highlighted the fact by detailing what they allowed me compared to the original poster.

    I really have no idea why you are so angry mateeyyyyyy.

  3. No, I think I'm going to die laughing.

    Either you just made that up or you have gifted the banks £80k of your ( or your parents ) money....either way it's hilarious.

    Now please tell me, down does someone that's just bought a house with a massive mortgage come on to HPC....is it to tell us we are all wrong...to get validation for your actions....or are you maybe just making it to annoy people because you have relaised what a mess you are in and are trying to put down anyone who speaks about against the magic free money making housing pyramid scheme ?

    please, enlighten us all.

    P.S. Im not you ****ing mate.

    My 80k came primarily from money i made selling my last house. I then rented for 2 years waiting for prices to come down. This happened in the North West so i managed to buy a house that once got sold for 260 for 225k.

    I no longer have to pay my landlord £700/month for a 3 bed semi in an ok area. Instead i can live in a 4 bed house with a lovely garden and huge room sizes for the sum of £657/month.

    Good luck waiting for the crash in your area.....i hope it comes soon for you mate :)

  4. Is there anyone on this forum, maybe in the North or Wales, who has actually benefited from the "crash" and managed to find a great property at a decent price?

    I sold in 2010 and have been in rented since. In that time we have had one baby and another is due in a few weeks so ideally we need something bigger (and the Mrs is getting on at me!).

    Went to view one a few weeks ago been on for a while started over 250k think i might be able to get it for 185k - it's starting to look very tempting. Big detached house, 4 reception rooms, double garage and all bedrooms are big. Master bedroom is 21 foot by 16 foot as an example.

    Very very tempted............

  5. I work in IT (none of us appear to do anything but post one here!) in the NW of England.

    Over the last 7 years shares in the company have collapsed and there were alot of redundancies across all depts not just IT.

    However, things seem to be picking up, the company is performing better and my job appears to be secure for the next few years at least.

  6. No, cash deposits at a bank or credit do not have to be immediately lent out. A bank has 2 sides to its balance sheet - assets and deposits and are technically separate. Unlike p2p places like Zopa that have to match lenders to borrowers and do not have a licence to take deposits.

    I am trying to find out what name BoD is trading under. There is no David Fishwick on the FSA register, excluding the one that works at M&G.

    I think it is Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd.

  7. It stinks of a logical error to me.

    They would have a backup of the batch schedule, and even if they didn't, it could be re-created reasonably easily. A the very least they would have the schedule at the DR site. OK, they could have been so incompetent that they didn't have a backup, they didn't have any documentation and they had replication running for the schedule database/file system. That would have been stupid.

    I think they deleted some jobs, then ran the rest. Batch is built on dependencies: job 2 does not happen till job 1 is done. Take away Job 1, and Job 2 just gets going. So a zillion database updates probably were made in error, a load of real transactions layered on top of it, and then you are in the "unpick job from hell".

    Your average senior manager cut their teeth on batch schedulers, and sat up late in the early 90s testing overnight batch. It is the younger guys who wouldn't know what a scheduler is - hell, most of them don't even know what batch is....

    not in my company! all the senior managers have been brought in from external companies and it would appear none of them have a m/frame background!

  8. Yep computers don't make errors, somebody somewhere has screwed up and either pressed the wrong button or coded the script wrong.

    However I like how it's some junior who did it, if they are inexperienced wtf was where the senior managers doing at the time?

    I wouldn't for one second think a senior manager would know anything about a batch scheduler.

    What amazes me is that the Operations dept didn't realise there was no jobs on the queue!

  9. This has been such a problem that they have to blame a person, not the process/system. Same happens when a plane/chopper goes down - it's less problematic to blame the pilot (even posthumously) than admit there's a generic problem with the airframe.

    If someone came out after this debacle and said "our systems are antiquated and not up to the job" there'd be real problems.

    it is someones fault though. CA7 doesn't make mistakes. It does what you tell it :)

  10. I was wondering if someone could help please. The wife has seen a house in an area she really likes and wants to go and view it. Don't worry i won't be buying unless there is a very good reduction as i believe they will continue to drop in the North West.

    However, i can't find the previous sold price anywhere? Anyone know why this might be?

  11. Not another one !!!!!

    First rule of buying a house...dont believe a word the estatew agent says.

    Decide what you think it is worth and make an offer based on that.

    Dont be swayed by some lying coniving desperate E.A. hell bent on getting a bigger comission.

    !!! WAKE UP !!!!

    What's the EA got to do with this? This is what the person selling the house said to me.

  12. Went to view a house with the Mrs last week, a 4 bedroom detached house with nice size garden etc

    The price was 225k. Now the wife knows my views on houseprices as I lurk on here most days but the property had been on a year so i thought if we really liked it I might put in an offer of say 185k for starters.

    After we viewed the house (pleasantly surprised) i enquired if there was any room to negotiate. Certainly she said, we rejected 220k last year but could maybe meet me halfway on the remaining 5k.

    I nearly fainted!

    Are people really this crazy?

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