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  1. As an existing first direct customer i managed to remortgage with NO fees on to a 1.29 above base for life tracker. Think the fee for new customers was £950 - probably still a good deal depending on size and term of mortgage.
  2. It's 1.99% above base lifetime tracker so buying is the sane man's choice in these circumstances but nice try my angry little pal:)
  3. I'm on HPC because there are some very intelligent posters whose opinions on various economic matters i like to read about. I find them very interesting. I posted on this thread to highlight the new rules on mortgage lending must be being taken very seriously by HSBC/First Direct and highlighted the fact by detailing what they allowed me compared to the original poster. I really have no idea why you are so angry mateeyyyyyy.
  4. I am amazed they rejected you as i bought a 225k house (with an 80k deposit) on a wage of 32k and my wife was on mat leave. This was with First Direct.
  5. cheers mate. i'm in the hyndburn area and although prices have dropped i thought they would have dropped more. it's quite a low wage area, no idea how people were buying terraces for 100k that were 15k when i was young!
  6. I sold in 2010 and have been in rented since. In that time we have had one baby and another is due in a few weeks so ideally we need something bigger (and the Mrs is getting on at me!). Went to view one a few weeks ago been on for a while started over 250k think i might be able to get it for 185k - it's starting to look very tempting. Big detached house, 4 reception rooms, double garage and all bedrooms are big. Master bedroom is 21 foot by 16 foot as an example. Very very tempted............
  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2212487/House-prices-need-fall-dont-politicians-understand-asks-Terry-Smith.html
  8. I work in IT (none of us appear to do anything but post one here!) in the NW of England. Over the last 7 years shares in the company have collapsed and there were alot of redundancies across all depts not just IT. However, things seem to be picking up, the company is performing better and my job appears to be secure for the next few years at least.
  9. i'm going to have set this to series link to watch after work. it sounds fantastic
  10. I think it is Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd.
  11. Not got a mortgage but have a Weber BBQ. That made me feel grown up.
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