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  1. I just spoke to an old colleague back in the UK at a new/used car dealer and he tells me that used car prices are starting to genuinely rise at the auctions now. It seems that the lack of new car buyers and their part exchanges is having an affect on the market.
  2. Well I think the case is either they do not want to belive that they have fallen into negative equity or they want to get the most money they can and get out. The minute they admit the latter though, the accusations and insults start flying in about what selfish ******'s they are, almost like they should fall on their swords for the benfit of the bears.
  3. The UK male has an extra couple of years to pay off his mortgage.
  4. You can always get up and do something for yourself. There is no law that says you have to stay in the UK, you are free to go wherever you want. Oh wait, that would mean taking a chance, you had better stay put.
  5. Sorry to disappoint but I got off the bus a year ago, at the sunshine stop.
  6. There's loads of fools out there.. just look out of the window.
  7. Fast forward to 2018....... Rinoa posts "100% Mortgages offered at 1% fixed for 25 years" The replies read something like the following... "1% Fixed, the greedy bast£rds, why arent they offering 0.5%? I'm holding out until they do..." I am sure that this 90% offer will catch some fish, please remember that not all the potential buyers out there are as aware of the future as the members of this board...
  8. Ah, but once a few start offering 90% all the rest will follow, and will it not be a case then of "I take your 90% and raise you 10%" by one northern rock type gambler?
  9. So what if they cant afford the same lifestlye as their parents? Kids are doing poorly at school becuase they are treated like they are made of glass in todays society and they are fully aware that they are almost unpunishable. In some ways the hardships that follow for their generation may go some way to educating them to be more appreciative of the simple things in life and a return to more family values. We have all heard "it wasnt like that in my day, we only got a piece of coal and an orange for christmas" from our parents or grandparents. Bit different to the Xbox etc that kids EXPECT
  10. After the news from the Nationwide, as a show of good faith to all the buyers out there I am not even going to raise the price of my house for sale in the UK, who says all the sellers are greedy.
  11. Now this post will be met with the usual "well its in the sun it must be true" retorts, but if they printed this sort of thing for the next month or so it will convince the low IQ's out there that it is true and the so called dead cat bounce will last a little longer than expected.
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