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  1. Apparently if we all chuck in 4k problem solved. No more long faces
  2. Redwood 'I only voted for the Iraq war out of loyalty to our leader' What a pr1ck
  3. It would make sense for the falls to be biggest in areas facing the most job losses, with the bubbliest (ooh I created a new word) being in areas of potential employment? Although as we all seem to be finding, this market makes no sense.
  4. EA told me a lot of sales are falling through with surveyors 'valueing down' and banks 'failing to lend'. She said 'she's never seen it like this in twenty years'. Ouch!
  5. Just exchanged on my sale of our family home this afternoon. Bought for 160K in September 2000, sold today for 370K. Coverted loft and added a big kitchen extension . Purchase on my new house fell through, but as I had a buyer decided to do it anyway. We'll be officially homeless from 30 June (completion date). Have I made a wise decision? Time will tell. Now where is the safest place to put 330K, and with that as a deposit (so long as the economy doesn't collapse) I should do alright, shouldn't I??
  6. How's your huge 2012 Newham property investment looking? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/10154343.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8681141.stm Maybe a little houseplant project?
  7. .... Just come on the market!! Don't delay, you might miss out! (EA just called me 'all excited') http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-29868128.html More chance of a [email protected] off Princess Anne methinks (sorry to be crude but FFS!)
  8. OK point taken, maybe I'm getting old but my 'qualified teacher' (many years ago) would have skinned me alive for such an elementary mistake.... Guess it's OK now tho' init?
  9. Just posted on BBC Election website: Labour negotiators are so confident about how talks are going with the Lib Dems that they've already drawn up a five-point plan for how to sell a Lab-Lib deal to voters and to doubters within their own ranks, says the BBC's Iain Watson. First and foremost, they plan to argue that a vote for Labour wasn't a vote for Gordon Brown. They say the UK doesn't have a presidential system so it's fine to change the leader post-election, and argue that support for Labour is likely to increase now Mr Brown is set to go.
  10. Oh and being caught by the bike sheds with a copy of H & E... I feel old
  11. Oooh Donny Osmond, the Partridge family, Love me love my dog.... can't wait. 9p for a Mars Bar. (or a Marianne as we now call it)
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