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  1. I've received a letter a few days ago telling me completion has been delayed until Sept of next year which is slightly different than the contract which was a few months ago.
  2. I don't recall ANYWHERE that I have asked any of you for advice. I feel I have to keep saying that as I have all these replies from people who feel the need to tell me how foolish I was from buying at the top of the market - but fail to tell me how to turn back time to take their advice!!! Ihave been repeatedly asked why I have come on here seeking advice and not listening. NOWHERE have I asked any of you for advice thank you. Neither have I complained about my situation anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I have also repeatedly been asked why I have come on
  3. Hi Islandcyclist Thank you for that. The only bit you are wrong in is the sour grapes part. Over the last 15 years I have sufficently benefited from the property market not to have sour grapes over this. What you can hear is me being pi**ed off at people who wish to give me hindsight advice which does not advance anything. I am seeking to make the best of the situation I have got myself in to and to find a way I can complete on the apartment I wish to live in. I am really looking for others in the same position to find a way forward. I know there is a firm of solicitors who are trying to
  4. Thanks Paul for your response. I don't think selling any of my other properties is really an option. The market is so slow at present that it is unlikely I would sell one before TQ completes. I have taken advice on that and have also watched similar properties to the ones I own sit unsold for a long period of time. I would look at remortgaging one of them to raise the necessary capital if it comes to that. However what I really hope to do is to find other interested parties and to form an action group to lobby those that can influence the price. I do have information that there is some ro
  5. Yes why don't you!!!!!!!!! It's people like you that discourage many potential users from ever posting.
  6. Thank you for your pointless reply. The very type of reply I was referring to in my earlier post. I could have sworn I had posted on a thread entitled "Titanic Quarter Property - OWNERS discussion". I wonder if the title could be amended to say "I told you so, I am such an expert I may not be about as I am in a bank vault counting my billions". Regards, Bella
  7. Doccyboy I can agree with most of what you have said. I too found 500 "what are we going to do" posts a bit of a waste of time which is why I posted asking buyers at TQ to contact me as I propose the time has come to move this on and to look at what we can do and then do it. I have sought advice from a specialist lawyer and have approached Harcourt re the price. However I do not consider the solution something that can be found in a court of law or with Harcourt alone. I have never blamed my decision to buy on anyone here and nor have I ever indicated otherwise in any post on here or any w
  8. Belfast Boy perhaps you could tell me where in my thread I asked you for sympathy? Further when have I mocked you? Or when I have said anything about the future of property prices in Northern Ireland and how much further they may or may not fall? I bought a home as I wanted a home to live in now. I did not buy as an investment. I did not buy to let. I have never laughed in anyones face - either now or then. I do have investment properties that I bought over 10 years ago that have done very well - even with the crash. Have I laughed in your face about those? They are investments. TQ was bo
  9. Not a single expert forecast a crash anything like we have had. They all forecast a slow down but as I was buying a home and not a quick investment a slow down did not overly alarm me. Nor did a slight decrease in value. But 40% is unprecedented. Estate agents and property analysis all forecast the slow down in the property market in Northern Ireland. What no one had seen coming was the crisis in banking which has had such a negative impact on the property market. Thanks for the empathy. I appreciate the tone of your post. Bella
  10. I have been reading this thread for a while but haven't responded until now as there appears to be too many arm chair experts out there who have nothing better to do than gloat at others. If any of you own a home in NI that you bought before the summer of 07 then you too have seen your home fall in value. The only difference in those of us who bought off plan at that stage is we are wondering how we complete. Its a sad day when there are people with nothing better to do than gloat from their armchairs at people who agreed to purchase a HOME only to be faced with this nightmare. And for all y
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