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  1. Thanks Elvis, that is what I thought, although we don't want to stay past the expiry date anyway as know it will cause problems. Hopefully we will find somewhere and if we need to stay a little longer will try and appeal the landlords better nature.
  2. My question is quite similar as our tenancy ends on 27th August, but the difference is we have not found anywhere to live yet and good properties are thin on the ground here. Does anyone know what rights we have i.e. do we have to leave on 27th August or can we stay if the landlord has not given us 2 months notice. They have written to us to say they are coming back to the UK and want their property back at the end of the tenancy. My question is does this letter consitutute the 2 months notice or would the 2 months notice start from when the tenancy ends?
  3. Yes, couldn't sleep last night and got up about 4am this morning and it was on BBC 24, I think, but definitely heard it.
  4. When myself and my husband moved into the house we are currently in at the moment, the agents only required a credit check on my husband and only asked for my husband's details. They actually stated to me that it was not needed for me as I am not employed (a housewife). I am just stated on the lease as an occupant at the address. I think the agents are pulling a fast one to get extra money from you and I would bet my bottom dollar they will not complete the credit check on your partner. If I were you I would challenge it.
  5. I am a stay at home mum to a 2 year old and I wouldn't have it any other way. I gave up a good career to look after my child as I couldn't stand the thought of handing him over to someone else. I personally don't agree with children being put into nursery when they are babies as I think they need the one to one attention they can only get at home with a parent. Although I am not judging anyone who does put their child into nursery as most people I know do it out of necessity and not because it is really what they want to do. I know I am extremely lucky in that I can afford not to work, alt
  6. Back in 1995 or 1996, can't remember exactly, but I bought a part-ex house from Barrett's. I got a discount then of over 10%, from memory I think the house was £56,000 and I got it for £50,000, together with cash back of £1000 if I completed by end of the year because they wanted it all cleared from their books by then. It was about this time of year that I put the offer in as everything was all done and dusted in 4 weeks. I would try a really cheeky offer as I think they just want shot of all these properties rather than have them lingering on their books.
  7. I am Scottish and although I live in London now and do actually really like it, for all it's faults, you really can't beat Scotland for quality of life. You can buy a decent sized property for half the price (in the area I'm from anyway, which is very nice), the people are great, not violent at all as one poster said, in fact I have seen more violence in London ( and Nottingham when I lived there)than I ever have in Scotland. The scenery is gorgeous and the shopping is fabulous, but the most important thing, which is the main reason I would go back in a minute is that the education system is
  8. I don't think people have ideas above their station, people on here just have more sense than the common person and refuse to pay the prices asked today. When we fist moved to London after selling in Scotland, we couldn't believe people were asking £250K for a 3 bedroomed terraced house, and the worst thing was half the houses we went to view were not even presented well, they all just seemed to think they could command this type of money and people would be stupid enough to pay it no matter what condition the house was in. We could just about afford to buy a modest 3 bed house, but quite fr
  9. People don't stop shopping because it's cold, if it's raining yes, but not the cold.
  10. Same here, we have been told we will be given notice February/March as wants to sell in the spring, hopefully it will be all good and there will be so many properties on the market and so much competition they will all have to undercut each other to get a sale. Here's hoping.
  11. I think definitely there should be strict controls i.e 3.5 times salary, the very fact the banks have decided to throw this in the air and let you borrow what you want is part or even most of the reason house prices are so high. I really wish they would just get their act together, see whats going on and gets these controls back in place.
  12. My husband got his Halifax statement through today and there was an extra attachment in it stating that interest was increasing by 2% from October, looks like they are all following suit.
  13. The thing about renting is there is no stability, since we moved to London over 2 years ago, we have had to move 3 times, because owners decided to sell. The rental we are currently in has put a clause in the new lease stating that they can break the lease in 6 months (it is a 12 month lease), which will bring us to the spring time, which is obviously peak selling time. Because of this we have not signed the lease and have just left it as rolling so we have some control over what we do. I have to say though that we have decided to start looking to buy after Christmas, the main reason is tha
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