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  1. Similar experience visiting the 'designer' outlet in Street, Somerset yesterday. Never seen so many shell suits, or tats (and that's just on the women), or generally hugely lard-arsed people (some of them very young). Chav central. There's strategy in this though, eat enough chips in this country and the Guvmint gives you a free car to be driven to Tescos in, a free electric buggy to ride around in once you get there, and free money to buy even more chips.
  2. It's a no-brainer. Even with a chunky deposit, I'd pay twice as much in mortgage, while my landlady has probably lost £100k-£150k off the 'value' in the time I've been here (or about 1/5 of what I've given her in rent). If I want a house this size in this sort of area it's a steal, and I can still stash enough away to see my deposit grow by £1500 a month. I guess I could increase my savings rate by moving to a hovel but quite frankly why bother? By my calculations I'm considerably better off than I'd have been if I'd bought in 2005 before the bubble's last hurrah.
  3. I was out in Wokingham (for my sins) on Tuesday night this week and got turned away from two restaurants because I didn't have a reservation. (Both full though I did find somewhere to eat at the third attempt). There seems to be no shortage of 09 registered tosserwagons round here - the 4x4 brigade appear to be as solvent and as ****-holish as ever. And there are more than a few sold boards and while I've been waiting for them to turn back into for sale signs, it hasn't happend much yet around here. I participate in hifi boards and while I've seen the odd 'credit crunch' sale after someone gets made redundant, high end hifi prices seem as mental as ever - there is the odd bargain but that's usually down to someone pricing stuff wrongly, rather than a desperation sale, Don't get me wrong I'm a committed bear and have been since I sold up in 2005 (too early I know, but I moved county then and refused to buy back in in the midst of what I saw was an obvious bubble - and I didn't find this site till 2007). I'm paying £1600 rent for a large 4-bed double garage in rather pleasant Berkshire village, in a cul de sac bordering countryside, where an identical house recently 'sold' (we'll see if it completes!) that was on at £695k (a 2% yield which remains as piss-poor as ever). This indicates to me that we have a long, long way to fall yet .... So I just don't get the levitation act. WTF is keeping the party going? Where is this recession that's the worst in modern history because I'm just not seeing it yet!
  4. Well said. I don't often venture from the blog to the forum, mainly because of the far-right loons that seem to have the run of the place. I too have seen US healthcare at first hand and it stinks. We should do everything in our power to stop it happening here. 'Socialised medicine' is an evil phrase, it seems, among these right wing nutters but thank Christ for the 1945 Labour Government. the NHS is far from perfect but we have NOTHING to learn from the American rabid right on the subject of healthcare.
  5. Sky news is tory tabloid TV, dumbed down for the idiot masses. Give me News24 any day. Adam Boulton? pleeeeze!!!!
  6. +1 R3, R4, BBC2 on their own are worth the licence fee. If you want to look at poor VFM, look at the shite you get for the ridiculous amount Murdoch or Cable charge every month.
  7. Churchill was a tosser and a drunkard, who as Home Secretary sent troops out with cudgels to crack the heads of miners striking against a wage cut, backed up by troops with guns, Chinese communist party style. He became premier, unelected, in wartime, on the basis of having been right about Hitler and consistently opposed to the ruling elite who got it wrong (he kept his Krupps & Siemens shares though and did rather well out of them), but when the British people had a say at the 1945 election, they got rid of him at first opportunity. As a wartime leader he was successful (not least because of Roosevelt's support - we'd have lost otherwise) but let's not pretend everything he said or wrote is sensible.
  8. Presumably you mean countries like Sweden and Norway? I think you trip over loony right wing propaganda here, they are mixed economies with a welfare state, high levels of taxation which minimise the degree of inequality in society. This isn't socialism. It's something rather different which isn't in the mental map of the intellectual midgets who pass for commentators in the US (and sometimes the UK) media - think Richard Littlejohn on Newsnight and you get the general idea.
  9. Last flew Ryanair in 2004 (it was my second trip with them). I will never set foot ever again on on of their smelly, shitty planes with their arrogant staff and random charges for bugger all. I understand it's even worse now. I don't care how cheap it is I'd gladly pay any amount extra just to avoid the embarrasment of the ritual humiliation they inflict on those people cheapskate or idiotic enough to use their 'services'. If you really want to be verbally abused, treated like an animal, or shafted with a solid object there are listings in the Sunday Sport where you can access that sort of thing locally, you don't need to fly Ryan Air. I can't understand why O'Leary isn't public villan No1. Tosser.
  10. capital letters are over-rated. the romans used them all the time and look where they ended up for me the interesting linguistic tick of online communication is not abbreviation (text-speak is naff) but shifts in the formality of communication which includes freedom to drop traditional norms around punctuation (which is what most use of capitals is - a punctuation signifier).
  11. Reckless indeed. From the Old English word for careless (pre-Norman, no less). Wreckless comes from a later middle English root 'wreck', a seafaring term whose pronunciation was once different (roughly 'wraek') but has converged in recent centuries to sound the same.
  12. You'll look back and see this as a lucky escape after prices drop another 20%. Agreed there are supporing forces in both cities but gravity can't be denied forever. As for the people who offered £20k over asking price in this market, there's only one word: Meh ....!
  13. Delusional. What are you people smoking? I guess if you repeat this sort of nonsense often enough you'll get people starting to believe it.
  14. disagree here, a vast number of Labour canon fodder are ex cooncillors (as they say where I come from) or jumped up union rabble rousers, incapable of contributing much in a non-exec role anywhere. that's not to say a fair number of Tories aren from coonsil ranks as well, or from the rotary club/masons or whatever but at least a fair number of them have had a stab at running something in their lives. In both parties though these types are disadvantaged against the professional pol classes - which I think come behind either of the above groups in knowledge of the real world. As to the point of whether MPs should be allowed to earn money outside - I don't have a problem with that so long as it's declared, no favours allowed (in placing parliamentary questions etc) and people are required to excuse themselves in any discussion or vote. this of course would reduce their open market value somewhat - exactly what the tories are fighting in resisting a light being shone on this whole area. allow it, but with more transparency I say. .
  15. I moved to Wokingham from the west country last August due to work. At that time there had been a pack of well-overpriced houses on the market for over a year (like the one I'm living in). Bit of a stalemate, asking prices had got so silly by mid-2007 (£700k asking price for an admittedly large 4-bed + study double garage 1980s detached) that nothing was moving. At the time I moved these were just starting to go rental, there was a flood shortly afterwards. I'm now living in that £700k peak for £1600 a month rent - a 2.7% yeild at that price. I'm guessing it's fallen already by £200k which makes my rent of £19k a year look quite cheap compared to owning the place. Now there is not much for sale and what there is seems to be selling quite fast - don't know about the selling prices though. I can't for the life of me understand why. Wokingham itself is a dump and when I buy, it certainly won't be around here.
  16. This is rubbish, america remains even today the world's largest manufacturer in absolute trading value, and the world's largest exporter. check your facts before you spout such complete pish.
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