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  1. Still applies to locations to rent, though less critical obviously.
  2. The wife is contemplating a job at Durham Uni which is very good in her field. This would involve a move from the south-east - that would be welcome as neither of us have connections here (she's foreign, did her PhD in Leeds and I'm from Scotland originally). Given we are selling up in the South we'd be able to afford something decent in Durham, thinking £500k (which would leave us mortgage free) to £650k sort of bracket. Any tips on best areas to live in the city? Is it feasible to be in a nice area and within walking distance (say 20mins) of the campus? Or is it best to be out a bit? (If so, in which direction?) The wife doesn't drive and gets a train at the moment to her current campus, commute takes about 45 minutes door to door, it would be great to reduce that. (She'd probably take taxis if it's not walkable or trainable - she calculates for her it's cheaper than owning a car though in reality I drive her around a lot). I work from home mainly but will need to be in London or Reading from time to time (I can handle that). We are not interested in nightlife, we enjoy culture, nature and peace and quiet, the converted bungalow we are in is about 1/3 of an acre plot with tall trees that screen us from everything - very private, but less than 10 min walk from a railway station.
  3. with linky http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-52541054.html?premiumA=true
  4. Sorry I take it back ... £850k for a shed ....
  5. Hold the presses chaps I think I have a winner http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-53119103.html
  6. Load of nonsense. It measures income, not wealth. The wife and I are supposed to be in the top 13%, but we own very little beyond some fairly precarious home equity and some totally tied up pensions. In 20 years time our income stream may have made us wealthy but right now if that gets taken away we are pretty much beggared in short order.
  7. Of course they should. No brainer, though the 'social mix' policies adopted by local authorities would preclude the large-scale housing schemes seen immediately pre and post war. That would have to change, at the risk of creating large-scale ghettos of the poor/feckless, unless they were pretty clever about how they did it. As it stands the social housing bits developers are required to build at the moment make it hard to sell the private housing round about them.
  8. Don't people here call the top every few weeks? Stopped clock and all that.
  9. When I lived in NZ in the early 90s, IIRC it was around NZ$ 3.40 to GBP with the Aussie dollar at about $2.50. That felt about right. NZ doesn't have Australia's mineral wealth but is being treated by international markets as if it has - they have been at parity or close to for a while now. The central bank is right - current Kiwi rate is utterly artificial and unjustified by any economic fundamentals.
  10. We ought to have a new thread, 'Slums of the future'. It looks terrible and West Drayton FFS.
  11. The question is how did it make £450k in the first place? It's cramped, a tiny plot, and the village is nothing special, in the middle of nowhere.
  12. Well I'm all for an EA hanging 'pour encourager les autres' ... they may have zero ethics but they do believe in self-preservation.
  13. Buyer's remorse sounds about right. I've been in a similar situation once. If you feel you have over-bid then there are two options - reduce the offer as soon as you can to something you feel comfortable, and risk losing the place altogether; or gazunder at a late stage and risk sale falling through/all sorts of other grief. We chose the former, sure enough it did fall through but in the end the seller never got a better offer and she took it off the market (2 years on it's never reappeared). Felt pretty vindicated, we had been pushed up £25k from what I thought was the maximum value of the place, not a huge amount but enough to make me feel queasy over the purchase. It was a lovely place but I couldn't stomach the feeling I'd overbid on it. Personally I wouldn't get into gazundering unless it was on the basis of some previously unknown or undisclosed information, but it does seem to be a tactic among the unscrupulous. If this either of these options are too drastic and you are ultimately OK with what you are paying, but remain suspicious of the buyer/agent, then I would suggest you keep looking, take no action re instructing solicitors, mortgage company etc and if/when the estate agent gets shirty about the lack of progress, say you don't want to incur any cost or hassle until you know the vendor/agent is serious about accepting your offer. Should flush out their position re boards, removing SSTC status on rightmove etc. Take no action AT ALL until this is done. Don't get hung up on suing the estate agent, treat them like you would a turd on the bottom of your shoe, that's about the level of most of their ethics. Assume the worst and you won't be disappointed. EDIT - I've just realised that they didn't accept your offer, but the 'rival' offer. Just walk away and don't play their games, life's really too short.
  14. I had similar nonsense with a mental landlady who kicked us out after I refused to allow her to do three months of needed work (with no rent reduction) before you guessed it kicking us out to sell up, which she stupidly told us she intended to do in the following Spring. This was in November. We were out (and luckily found a bigger place two doors up on the same money) by early January. We then had the pleasure of watching her drop the ridiculously greedy asking price progressively by (eventually) £100k and it not sell till the following October, all the while driving past the empty, rent-not-being-paid old place on the way to our nice new pad. Well it was 2011. Priceless. But I digress. She claimed all sorts on nonsense in order to keep the deposit, but eventually caved in when it became clear that bull**shit, bluster, tears, shouting, and her 'poor abandoned wifey' act (I truly sympathise with her ex, and interestingly her daughters wouldn't talk to her either) don't work with the DPS, they need verifiable facts and pictures and she hadn't any. Stick to your guns mate and follow the process. You'll win.
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